webpage design

hi, could somebody possibly make me a .psd for my website's design?

I'm fine at doing straight lines,gradients etc. but i'm making the site for a medeival styled mmorpg so i need to do aged paper and wood (hanging signs) and metal (chains) etc. and i can't get it right.

what i want is a
width: 759px
height: 410px
image with a transparent background. i want the design to look like the picture here: http://fightscene.50free.org/Design.gif

don't worry about slicing and stuff. i'll do that.

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shamstarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
While we cant do the work for you here on this site, I can tell you how to do it.  Ive included some links to some ttutorials that will show you how to make the different parts of your page.  you will have to play around with some settings and effect to get it looking exactly how you want obviously.

Paper effect:
- http://www.alanhettinger.com/tutorials/wornpaper/001.php
- http://photoshopgurus.info/intermediate/page_curl/pagecurl.shtml (paper curling)

Wooden signs:
- http://www.pegaweb.com/tutorials/woodtexture/adobe-photoshop-wood-texture.htm
- http://www.twilighthalls.de/bf1942/wiki.phtml?title=RealisticWoodTexture

- http://www.thinkdan.com/tutorials/photoshop/chains/index.html
These are more for making wires, but you can easily use the same principles to make chains
- http://www.proeffect.com/tutorials/tutorials.php?id=ps59
- http://biorust.com/index.php?page=tutorial_detail&tutid=9
JavaHead_JonnieAuthor Commented:

thank you soo much! with all those tutorials, and the sites i think i could have a good bash at making it myself.

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