Beeping Dell PowerEdge SC -

I have RedHat Linux & Manhattan Virtual Classrooms on this baby.

All I did was upgrade the web app that runs on it and then rebooted.

The upgrade works great. Performance is great. All services are working great.


The damned thing is beeping!!

I tried powering down, removing power supply, and holding in the power button for 30 seconds.

No luck.

I tried removing it from the HVM.

No luck.

Any other ideas?

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rogerperkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You say it is RAID 0, which is usually two drives, set up in a mirror, which means either drive should have all the information, but since you have three drives that would indicate a RAID 5 configuration which is usually how they set up the Dell servers.  You should call Dell technical support if you haven't already.
You can unplug connector that connects system beeper with mainboard... just folow cable from system speaker to motherboard and disconnect it ...

btw... tell me the beeping pattern... so I can see why does it beep...
A beeping server usually means one of the Raid Hard Drives went bad, see if any of the LED indicators for the Raid Hard Drives is not Blue.
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smetterdAuthor Commented:
Well, it does have RAID 0, but this is a PE 600SC which doesn't have any lights. When I get back into the orifice, I will hop into the RAID config and take a look. Stay tuned.
It's also quite possible that one of the fans inside has failed.  Try using the Dell Diagnostics software and it might more accurately tell you what's wrong.
smetterdAuthor Commented:
Fans are fine.

When the server is in its original configuration, the raid controller does not detect any drives. when any two drives are connected, it does not detect but allows you to go into the config. utilites. I went into the WEBBios and the adapter detects the drives(only 2) either channel 0 and 1, channel 1 and 2 or, channel 0 and 2. at times it does allow us to go into the config util(WebBios) with all three drives connected, but will only detect drives on channel 0 and 1.

When the adapter scans for drives, it locates those two but say they are unformmated. that's where we are at the moment.
smetterdAuthor Commented:
One of the technicians started fooling with it (thus the above comment)... and now the machine is down and can't boot. This has become an emergency. Help is very much appreciated.
smetterdAuthor Commented:
If nothing else, how can I at least get the data off of one of these drives? I have a backup but it's not nearly as recent as the production data. Man, I didn't need this kind of stress...
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