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Epson Photo 700

fotomanme asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-12
I have had 2 Epson Photo 700 Printers with exactly the same problem. I bought an brand new 700,it worked great in all functions for approx 10 pages until it developed a small leak of the black ink cartridge noticeable at the top of each page (RHtop corner),it continued to work well for a few more pages until it started to get what i suspect was a communication error.It would print text fine except for that after about half a page it would then start to duplicate a couple of lines that it had already printed,then skip a couple of lines that it should have printed.I took it back to the point of purchase and they sent it back to epson who repaired the printer and gave me a test page that was perfect in both text and picture. Epson offered me the choice of keeping the repaired unit or taking a new printer,I opted for the new printer. the new printer worked fine for about 10 pages and then did exactly the same thing as the 1st printer. Epson tech support advised me to by a new printer cable which I did, no fix then they told me to buy new cartridges, no fix also they then told me it was my drivers, not so as I have tried drivers fom a friends 700 that works fine and also loaded drivers from Epson web site.Epson had me runing around trying everything until eventually my warranty expired and I now have a printer that is virtually brand new that will not work.I have also tried the printer on a few other computers to no avail. I have since removed the 4 srews that hold the top cover on and a small coil spring that was heard floating around inside fell out, it looks similar to the belt tension spring, slightly lighter duty, I couldn't see where it came from and I don't even know if it really even belongs inside...Thanks for any help given...Greg :)
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Just one question at any point were you using refilled cartridges or compatible cartridges (not made by epson)....

Also how is the printer connected parallel or usb ... if parallel does the cable IEEE1284 on it ?
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krakers does have a point providing they did keep a record of your call you can have those records subpoenaed which they then have to provide. When you are on the phone with them do not mention this so they do not "lose" the record although this may be a pain in the neck it may be worth it getting the satisfaction from giving them some headaches.

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