Outlook 2000 hangs for a few mins after starting


In our department we run Outlook 2000 and use a exchange server. Now, in irregular intervals, on some workstations Outlook doesn't reacts after starting for app. 4 mins. It's only Outlook, all other applications are fine. Usually I solved the problem with deleting the exchange server in the settings and re-added it, but this isn't working anymore. Does anybody knows about this problem or how to solve it? Do you need more info?


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Karen FalandaysConnect With a Mentor Training SpecialistCommented:
Hi su_n,
Is it happening with laptop users, by any chance? Often, if the user has synch set up, and takes the laptop home for the weekend, for example, it may take a very long time to start up or shut down, and appear to be hanging. If this is the case, Outlook is simply doing it's housekeeping, making sure there are no synchronization conflicts
su-nAuthor Commented:
well, i installed all service packs for w2k as well as for the whole office pack. unfortunately that does not fix the error. the strange thing is, that it happens only ón a few workstations, not everyone is affected...
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Have you tried anything I suggested?
su-nAuthor Commented:
anything but scandisk. i'll try it next shift!
It sounds like Scandisk was tried, fixed the problem, and the asker never returned.
su-nAuthor Commented:
Well, I must admit that I forgot this post. Finally I solved the problem by myself.
Problem was, that in the user profiles was an old novell profile, but we changed to exchange some months ago. Looks like the nolvell profile messed up something.
Deleting novell *and* exchange profile, reboot and adding only the exchange profile finally solved it.

Thanks so far,
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