Roaming Profiles DO NOT work

Well, I have spent the past FOUR days trying to get my roaming profiles to work and NOTHING. I have read hundreds of posts and it seems roaming profiles have all sorts of problems but at least SOME people get somewhere...
If the folder does not exist, the folder gets created but then when the user logs off, NOTHING gets copied to the folder...
I have clients with Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003 as the Domain controller. All roaming profiles are created locally and NEVER deleted although I have it set in the GPO as well, so basically NOTHING that has to do with Roaming Profiles is working...

Sharing is set to FULL ACCESS for all "Authenticated Users"
Security is set to FULL ACCESS for all "Authenticated Users"

Profile folder is created SUCCESSFULLY with the Original User and Administrators group as the only ones with FULL ACCESS.

Finally, notice that the profiles folder is hidden so it cannot be seen on the network which is something I worried about since a user could technically look for it and start using the profiles folder to upload "junk"...

I can actually FIND and WRITE to the user profile´s folder on the network share.. So if I log in with Sally, I go to \\server\profiles$\sally and I can read, write, etc but there is nothing there anyway but permissions are not incorrect...

User account has exactly this for profile path: \\server\profiles$\username
Do I have to put something in the HOME folder field?

When I log out I check the logs, and NOTHING... No errors being reported or warnings... I used to get the "offline caching is set on profile share" warning but I removed that... I also used to get the "cannot find profile on server" error but I fixed that with the permissions...

So once again, roaming profiles SEEMS to be creating the folder, communicating with it, setting the right permissions, etc but NOTHING gets uploaded to it... Everything is stored LOCALLY...

Any BASIC help? Ideas? Am I the only one having this problem? I saw some other people in other places with the same problem but they never post a solution... :(
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Have you checked that the user's profile on the client machine hasn't already been created?
On the client machine check if the profile is set to local. If it is local swap it over to roaming.
Same problem with DonChino.
Somehow, Windows Server 2003 has a glitch on roaming profiles. I am having a major problem with an organisation with 50 units of Win XP clients authenticated to the Windows Server 2003 domain controller. There is only one domain controller.
Whenvever a user logins to the domain, an error message will appear telling him that his roaming profile could not be found on the server and that a local profile is taken form the client pc. Anyway, a roaming profile folder will be created in the Server's harddisk with "Access Denied" to everyone including the Administrator.
For some users, the the roaming profile works well the first time, then when he or she logs in again the second time, the profile errors pops up again.

This problem with roaming profiles in Windows Server 2003 has become a daily headache for the users here. Folders are created for all the users in the \\SERVER\profiles folder. Enough permission and security is even given to users using the shared profile folder. Authenticated users were even added in as Chino prescribed with permissions & security granted for parameters.

THE ROAMING PROFILE SIMPLY WILL NOT WORK even if all the necessary steps are adhered to in almost all of the  Windows 2003 books in the market. There don't seem to be book in the market that explains why the roaming profile do not work as planned.

Event viewer do not show this error.

Could a network card of low standard create such a problem since the error message related to the network path?

Could anyone help?
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Regarding Roaming profiles again;

I tried taking ownership of a user's roaming profile and found out that indeed the folders inside the shared profile folders do contain all the sub folders as stated in Win Server 2003 manuals. An Administrator can look and erase files there. The desktop folder do not seem to be updated. There is nothing there or maybe there isnt suppose to be anything there.

This means that a roaming user will loose his or her desktop setting when he/she  logins through another workstation. This is equally bad. The error of not find a profile in the server still crops up even after taking ownership.  

If an  administrator takes ownership of a user's roaming profile, can the roaming user writes into the roaming profile folder? Does the roaming user has the right over this folder after that?

Again, I think the NIC card is preventing the transfer of a roaming profile from the server to the client pc when the client logons for authentication.

Anybody out there has any suggestions for this?
DonChinoAuthor Commented:
Um, can anyone solve this? Still waiting for a clue and as I can see, I am not the ONLY ONE with this problem so how exactly did the REST OF YOU get Roaming Profiles to work?

I even uninstalled ISA Server and put on Kerio to see if maybe the Firewall had something to do with it, but NADA...

I am logging on with Win XP and Windows 2003 Clients and they create the profile folder but nothing actually get uploaded or downloaded. It just CHECKS and LEAVES.

I also considered a NIC issues but that would be hard to call, since I am able to GHOST, PXE, and various other functionality but WHY Roaming PRofiles? Are there are any HOT FIXES? Specific versions of Windows affected? Help?!
DonChinoAuthor Commented:
Well, I am FINALLY back. I have been fighting with my network for ALMOST A WEEK now just trying to get Roaming Profiles to work. I appreciate those who responded and I also "feel the pain" for those in the same boat as I, but it seems I found the solution to my problem MYSELF... :)

It was grueling, tough work, but I basically did a reinstall, and tested each program installation, windows update, and configuration until I found the problem. Was it worth it? Sometimes I think NOT, since I wasted a WEEK to find out that it was a DRIVER PROBLEM... Yep, some DRIVERS seem to knock ROAMING PROFILES OUT OF WHACK...

So my advice, STICK TO THE WINDOWS DRIVERS on WindowsUpdate and do not install Manufacturer´s Drivers, because GRANTED they make things work BETTER but they seem to have adverse effects on Microsoft´s BLACK BOX system. So which driver exactly?

How many people OWN NVidia video cards?! Raise your hand REAL HIGH, but it seems the NVidia NForce drivers seem to knock profiles out of whack. I specifically installed the latest 56.64 NForce drivers and they killed Roaming PRofiles for me, it all works until I install this bad boy. Is it possible that another drivers series works? Possible but that means installing and uninstalling until you find one... :( So stick to the Windows Default One unless you are willing to "test" driver sets but I KNOW THIS WILL HELP someone else...

CHECK YOUR DRIVERS IF YOU ARE HAVING ROAMING PROFILE PROBLEMS... My LAN is PERFECT now, everything gets copied UP AND DOWN from Windows XP and Windows 2003 clients... So anyone out there in my shoes, remove all Manufacturer drivers, put Windows default, and test again...


Hi there

Did you check the DNS settings?

Set your first DNS to the domaincontroller.
Do you mean make sure the server dns is the first in the network controller properties?

DonChino I could kiss you! I have spent two weeks tring to get the roaming profile working for this one users. If I logged in as him on my notebook it would work but is I logged in as him on this WIn 7 64-bit computer it wouldn't. I have been working on this little project for two weeks and have posts all over. No one suggested drivers. I started un-installing them one at a time and yahoo! It wasn't the Nvidia driver it was a IR driver but YOU ARE A GENUIS!
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