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Multiple email accounts for a single user

Last Modified: 2010-04-08
Hi all,

I've a computer at home running windows XP. I have 2 email accounts and every time I need to use the other I have to change the email accoutn settings.
I couldn't work out the way of using 2 or more email accounts under a single user.

Could anyone help?

Much appreciated,
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What email client are you using?  If Outlook Express or Outlook I don't believe this is a problem.  I use OL2003 and have one POP3 account and two Hotmail accounts set up.  All are checked at the same time with one click.
At work my boss has Outlook Express and checks three POP3 email accounts at once.
Click on Tools-Accounts and add a new one.  There may be a problem with sending from each specific account.  This is easiest solved by setting up profiles.


Yes. I use Outlook.

The problem being is not receiving mail from different accounts but sending it.

As an example, lets say I've got this 2 mail accounts:

1- abc@yahoo.com
2- abc@hotmail.com

If my default mail account is 1, when I want to send mail as 2 I need to set 2 as default in the accounts menu.

My intention (if possible) is being able to send the mail from each one independently without having to change the settings, even if that means creating a new user for outlook.

Many thanks,

You will have to create two email profiles to make this work and exit and reenter outlook to access the other account. You can have outlook prompt you for which profile you desire to open each time you start outlook.

I have three accounts with a different profile for each. When outlook opens I simply select the profile I want to use at that time and then I can send/receive email from that account.

Click on start, control panel, mail, show profiles

Add profiles to match your accounts and remember to select "prompt for profile to be used". Make sure you name your profiles in a manner you will easily recognize which account is which.

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Hi there,

What version of outlook, and are these pop accounts?

Deb :))

I am using Outlook 2003 and I have POP and HTTP. I use POP for my work account and bellsouth account and I use HTTP for Hotmail.

This is a pretty straight forward process and resolves the problem you are having with the from address. If you do not care what your reply address is then you can have Outlook open all three at the same time. If you need to have a specific reply to address then you need to create separate email profiles.


rcmb, not true.
You can click on Options and set the Reply To address in any email.  The only problem that gripes many is that it appears as "Sent on behalf of ..." when changing the From field.  Profiles is the only true option to separate the addresses.
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lol no you're not Karen - Just the author doesn't want to have to change anything at all, just have it send from correct email address automatically I think,

Deb :))

There is no File-Send Using on my OL2003.
I just did an interesting test, though.  I created a new email and selected the Accounts dropdown.  I selected my Hotmail address and sent it to slink@linkemup.us.  There was no "Sent on behalf of ..." and it appeared to be directly frommy Hotmail address.  Give that a shot.
Accounts is beside the Send button on mine.
Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Slink, File, send using is the same as the "accounts drop down arrow" on the send button :)
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