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Lost in program

mocca23 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
 Please, can someone help me with this program? I am totally lost.

This program should have three functions.

Function1 (FillPerson) should ask user to enter all the name and birthday information. Prototype for this function1 is: person FillPerson();

Function2 called WritePerson should write out all the person information using the name of the month (as opposed to the integer value) for the birthday month. The prototype for this function2 is: void WritePerson(Person);

Program should have two Person variables. It should fill these two variables and then call a function called WhoIsOlder. Function3 determines who is older and writes the age status to the screen.
The program is:

#include <iostream.h>

struct Date
      int month;
      int day;
      int year;

struct Person
      char name[40];
      Date birthday;

Person FillPerson();
void WritePerson(Person);
int WhoIsOlder(int p1, int p2);
int main
      Person MyPerson[2];
      Date insert;
      MyPerson = FillPerson();
      return 0;

person FillPerson()
      cout << "\n Enter the person's name:    ";
      cout << "\n Enter the person's date of birth:   ";
      cin >> insert[0].month >> insert[0].day >> insert[0].year;
      return (0);

void WritePerson(person)
      cout << "\n Name of the person is << "MyPersons[0].name << 
      ",and date of birth is "  << insert[0].month << 
      insert[0].day << insert[0].year<< endl;
      cout << "\n The older person is  "<< MyPerson;
      return 0;

int WhoIsOlder( int p1, int p2);
      if (p1 > p2)  
                  return (p1);
      else (p1 < p2);    
                  return (p2);

Anything would help.      
Thank you,
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Thank you so much for your help. It was very professional. This is what I wanted.

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