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Posted on 2004-04-04
Last Modified: 2008-02-07
     sir i have two operating systems win98 and 2000.i use windows 2000. and other use win98. i set passoward on administator of 2000.
so only i use i ave problem i can secure windows 2000 from other user but can not secure my files and folder from them
they open my folder while using can i secure my some main folders form them.
so i want to know how can i set password on folder and files.
so kindly tell me that how can i secure my folder which could not open in win98. or how can i set passward on folder which is only open by me. or  person who know the passward.
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There is Policy Editor on the Win 98 setup disk I believe you should find it in this Folder that may help


for Win95 Policy Editor

If this doesn't do the trick for you then take a look at these

Allows Password protection on the zipped file


Right-click on empty space in the folder which you want to protect and select CUSTOMIZE THIS FOLDER, then choose CREATE HTML DOCUMENT FOR THIS FOLDER. Once the document is opened in Notepad, scroll down until you see <script language>="JavaScript"> Insert a blank line after this string. Then insert the following text.

var pass = prompt("Enter the password")
if(pass != "YOURPASSWORD")
Hit the Enter key on your keyboard

Put a password in the place of YOURPASSWORD but leave the quotes. Save the document, exit Notepad,
refresh the folder (or hit F5), enter your new password, and the next time you try to enter that folder,
you'll be prompted for your password. If you enter a wrong password you'll end up in C: drive!

This works on Windows 98 and 2000.

Folder Guard

Folder Guard® is a powerful security program that lets you restrict access to various computer resources. If you share your computer with others, you can use Folder Guard to stop other users from opening your personal files, or you can completely hide your files until a password is entered. You can also protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel and applications, and much more.


Lockdown is the only computer utility that provides easy management of system and application access control, along with file locking, drive hiding and time management. This versatile program prevents employees from loading or running unauthorized or unlicensed software on your computers. In addition Lockdown can prevent accidental or intentional tampering with system settings. Lockdown provides full file locking of personal and confidential files, as well as time controls for application and online usage.

Encryption Plus Hard Disk

Encryption Plus Hard Disk uses the AES algorithm with a 256-bit encryption key to protect a computer's entire hard disk. It provides 100% access control — to Windows NT/2000/XP, applications, and data. It does this at the lowest total cost of ownership of any competing product.

Magic Folders

Your invisible folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run. For all practical purposes they don't exist. Use Magic Folders to protect your finances, taxes, business and personal documents. Others won't know these files exist and they won't be able to accidentally delete or modify them either. With Magic Folders you can turn your computer over to your children or co-workers without worrying if they'll delete, modify or view important files.

Steganos Security Suite

Protect your sensitive data.
Over 2 million users trust this powerful encryption package.

Winlock is now freeware

This software is developed to facilitate a large number of operations with Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems
Major features of WinLock:
Lock Windows at system boot
Lock Windows at suspend
Lock, Suspend or Shutdown easily with once click
Powerful schedule Shutdown/Restart/Suspend system
Autosave applications on Shutdown time
Autorun saved applications when system start
Autorun any applications when system start
Advanced power management
Windows List with Show/Minimize/Maximize/Hide functions
Process list with Icon/ID/Type/Priority/Kill functions
Powerful administration tools

Panda Security

Panda Security is a solution that encompasses security utilities to protect the privacy and integrity of the information in PCs, laptops, and corporate networks against non-authorized users.

Icon Lock-iT

Icon Lock-iT gives you the flexibility to lock an individual file or the entire contents of a folder. The process is very similar with both functions. When locking the contents of a folder, you simply right click on the folder name rather than an individual file name and select "Lock Files".

As this screen shot indicates, multiple files are listed rather than one. As an added convenience, you can review the files to be locked at this time and selectively uncheck any files that you do not wish to lock.


So what does it do? You are allowed to create user accounts for however many users frequent your computer. These user accounts can be set up to deny access to certain programs or even folders (ex.control panel). And if by any chance those users find a way to get to those folders, SecureUp has a nice back-up system so that no file disaster is possible.

Power Administrator

With Power Administrator, you can have absolute control over your computer's functions and restrictions. From blocking the access to certain folders or disabling programs of your choice, Power Administrator gives you the most out of your PC & network with incredible convenience.


Win 2000Server-only: This tool is included in the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit only.

This tool is a GUI-based application that allows an administrator in a multi-user environment to restrict the access of ordinary users to a predefined set of applications on the network. Enabling application security using this tool will cause the system to reject any attempts by ordinary users to execute a program that they are not authorized to use.

Security Administrator

Protect your computer and restrict access to Internet with Security Administrator. This nice password-protected security utility enables you to impose a variety of access restrictions to protect your privacy and stop others from tampering with your PC.

Hide Folders

You have sensitive files on your computer. Sometimes you wish nobody but you would have an access to these files.
The best way to protect your personal information is to make the folders in which they reside visible and available ONLY to you. Hide Folders does exactly that, and it does it easily and well.
AB Folder Hider

Hide your folder completely. Unless you unhide it yourself, nobody can find it
No files can be accessed in a folder while it is set to hidden
Hiding folder without modifying system registry. This can avoid the cracking to hidden folders by others.
Password protection, others cannot enter hidden folders setting program
Easy to use, without complex setting procedure.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock lets you password protect your personal files, folders, pictures, documents and any type of files that you want to lock and hide from other users of your computer.

Folder Password Expert

Folder Password Expert is a software tool that lets you restrict access to the folders that contain your sensitive data. When folders are password protected and locked, their contents cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted.

Other considerations

Scramdisk is a program that allows the creation and use of virtual encrypted drives. Basically, you create a container file on an existing hard drive which is created with a specific password. This container can then be mounted by the Scramdisk software which creates a new drive letter to represent the drive. The virtual drive can then only be accessed with the correct passphrase. Without the correct passphrase the files on the virtual drive are totally inaccessible.


A handy utility that sits in the tasktray, allowing hotkey shredding files, file hashes to be generated, and complementing several OTFE (On-The-Fly Encryption) systems by providing rapid access to their most used day-to-day functions, making them considerably easier to use.

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Or just put the 2000 files on an NTFS partition.  =0
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Seem to recall, running across a utility that allows someone on a Win98 system to, at least, be able to read folders
on a NTFS drive?!?
I'm trying to remember where. Winternals/Sysinternals??
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This is true, with Sysinternals at least, you could still read the files, but if you combined that with the standard Win 2000 file encryption I don't believe you would be able to read any of the files.  Of course if you want to require a pw, it looks like CrazyOne's HTML trick is a pretty neat solution.  Good luck.

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how about putting a NT or 2K login script on the windows 98 machine.... that may help


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try fortres, it will protect your files and  you will not only protect files and folders but other things as well in your computer.

just to let you know that, you won't be completly secure, if you let your user access your system through windows 98 , windows 98 is eaily breakable, it doesn't matter how well  you protect your computer. in that case you might wanna consider tighten security in windows 98. Don't leave any hole.

fortes is a good software for protecting appz/programs for home users and works on average computer user/surfer.  

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With the new era of mobile computing, smartphones and tablets, wireless communications and cloud services, the USDA sought to take advantage of a mobilized workforce and the blurring lines between personal and corporate computing resources.

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