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Firewire controller on mobo not showing up in device manager

IronMaiden asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
Asus P4C800E deluxe motherboard
XP pro sp1 with some sp 2 updates.
I fifnally have a firewwire device and when i plugged it into the port on the back of the mobo, nothing happend. the IPod didnt show up ,iTunes didnt show it as being connected. There is power to the port as the iPod showed itwas charging. I do remember seeing the 1394 hostcontroller in device manager after i installed the mobo  ( 5 months ago)but the IEEE1394 controller is now nowwhere to be seen under 'system devices' or anywhere else for that matter. I tried refreshing hardware and i tried install new hw and every combination thereof. New hardware requires drivers or have disk  and i came up blank there.
   This motherboard does have onboard ieee1394 controller so how do i get XP to recognize it/install it ? Have i missed anything?
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have you followed the instructions supplied with the hardware exactly?
sometimes the sequence in which you do things can affect whether you see something or not
Top Expert 2012

The Firewire port should be enabled if you installed the motherboard drivers, since that is where the controller is.  You should be able to add new hardware, and choose the drivers from your motherboard disc.


Alexg, yes i did (iPod)
Callandor, yes it should be enabled and it was as i remember seeing the host controller in device damager, it is not there now and i did check hte cd that came with the asus, there are no drivers per see for the firewire controller.
just for the heck of it.  Why don't you pull it out and reseat it in a different PCI slot.  Then boot up windows and see if windows tries to automatically install it.


lol well its an onboard chip not an addon card . bios isnt latest but i dont think that will help as it *was* there once, just isnt now
have you tried any of the things you have done in safe mode?  If not then try it.

Have you looked in the bios to see if it is enabled?
I know my ASUS board (not the same model) has an option in the bios to enable or disable IEE1394.


ill give safe mode a shot and yes it is enabled in the bios.
ill try  to disable it and then boot and renable if safe mode shows nothing.


well its fixed. after resetting the bios to defaults didnt do it, flashing the bios did.
my controller is there and now i have to go look for drivers for my sound card.
thnks all for your help ah now how to get this Q deleted ?
You can ask CS to delete the question.  The CS link is at the upper right hand corner "support" link.  Ask them to delete it and they will refund your points.

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