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Converting playing card project

togilvie asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
I have Visual Basic.net (just starting with it). I'm trying to find or create a playing card object that I can re-use for my own purposes. I've found a number of them, but can't open them with VB.net because it indicates that my version doesn't support VB6 migration. Here's what I've been trying:


Is there a utility that I can get to convert the project? If not, any pointers to a similar set of utilities for playing cards in VB.net?

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[ Just out of curiosity, what version of VB.NET do you have?  Educational version?  Visual Basic.NET Standard Edition?
I like to know what version has that limitation.   Thanks in advance. ]
Having downloaded this project from freevbcode, and then attempting to upgrade with VS.NET using the VB.NET upgrade wizard, my advice to you is to start with something MUCH more basic, and learn the VB.NET language the 'right' way.  Trying to convert this VB project to .NET will prove to be MUCH more than you are prepared for at this stage of your learning process for .NET.  I have been coding in VB for more than 9 years, and have been using .NET for almost 2 years, and I would need to COMPLETELY re-write this project, rather than upgrading from VB 6 to .NET.  I would NOT, personally, attempt to convert the project, using the Upgrade wizard, from VB 6 to .NET, as the fundamental design of the VB6 project is almost 100% INCOMPATIBLE with the basic design paradigm (design concept) of .NET.



I have the Standard Edition.
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I don't think it's appropriate to award points for this question. I asked for how to use playing cards in a visual basic project (either using the program I had, or something else available). I was told to "Find a better project - this one is too tough". That didn't help me, at all, with what I was trying to do.
actually, you were told that the VERSION of VB.NET that you currently have does NOT support upgrading an EXISTING VB 6 application to .NET -- that is entirely different from "Find a better project - this one is too tough".

What I told you was that what you wanted to do could not be done with the version of VS.NET that you currently have.

I also told you that you should NOT try to learn VB.NET by jumping into a major upgrade effort with no experience whatsoever.  What you are seeming to want to do would be akin to saying :

"I want to be in the 2004 Olympic Games as a swimmer, but I do not know how to swim yet.  I will learn how to swim by being dropped from a helicopter in the middle of the ATLANTIC Ocean.  By the time I get to shore, I will have learned how to swim".

Venabili obviously read the responses on this question, and make an educated decision as to what he felt should be the correct resolution.

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