I'm running one windows 2000 machine for my webserver.  My setup looks like this: Internet to router - router forward port 80 & 21 to (windows 2000 server).  I want to be able to host subdomains.  I'm going to buy my domain and have it point to my router's ip. How can i setup subdomains to run on my single machine???
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ryangclearConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use host headers. I'm assuming your talking about subdomain websites right?

you'll also have to add A records to your dns server to point to your router                         -    points to your router       -    points to your router     -    points to your router

the hostheaders will direct the webclient to the right website
bamnet11Author Commented:
so i'd make a host header that that ?
bamnet11Author Commented:
^^ that said...
thats right
Any HTTP 1.1 compliant web server software should handle subdomains properly. If all of your subdomains are going to be on the same system, then the record for * should point all miscelaneous undefined subdomains to your IP address. HTTP 1.1 has been around forever, so every major web server software supports it. (IIS, Apache, etc.)
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