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Windows 2000 cannot see the rest of the network

belcalan asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I've got a win2k server running as a domain controller on a local network. DNS is running and appears to be working (as in hosts can use it as the DNS server).  All hosts have specified ip addresses and are able to see the server if they have it set as their DNS server.  All clients except one are winXP pro and are set to connect to authenticate on the domain (and do so).

But the server cannot see any of the network other than itself.  I've tried adding some hosts into the forward lookup zone of the dn, but it doesn't help.  If I try and type in \\<hostname> into explorer on the server it says 'Windows cannot find "\\<hostname>" and if I type in the ip address (ie \\ it says "\\ is not accessible.  The are currently no logon server available to service the logon request".

One more thing. While the hosts can see the server and can access network resources, if I use the Network Id Wizard and try and re-setup the host on the network, once I give the user account for the network, it says windows can't find an account for my computer on the domain, so I put in the computer name and domain name and it says a domain controller for the domain cannot be found.

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Is this Win2K server the DNS server?  If so, is it pointing to itself for DNS resolution?  If not, it should be.  Even the server needs to be able to resolve addresses, even if it is the one hosting the DNS structure.
Also, if WINS is set up, make sure also that the WINS setting under TCP/IP properties is also pointing to itself.


Yes, it's the DNS server and yes it's pointing at itself.  DNS resolves ok on the clients and the server.  

If I ping a host from the server it resolves (as long as I've added that host to the lookup zone).

WINS isn't being used.
Do you have any errors in your event log for system or DNS?
Also, can you browse the network using My Network Places or do you see nothing or get the same error?


Only one that seems relevant, for netlogon: Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more DNS records failed because no DNS servers are available.

Can only see the server in My Network Places.
Sounds as though that you may have a problem registering yourself with the server.  try doing an "ipconfig /flushdns" then doing an "ipconfig /registerdns" at a command prompt and see if that helps.  Also try stopping and restarting the DNS service.
Are the hosts appearing in the DNS lookup zones by themselves or do you have to add them manually?

Is the lookup zone name the same as the domain name?

You should turn setup WINS on the server as it will cut down the amount of broadcast traffic on your network.


jamesreddy: sorry, I've already tried that one

eddkhamou: hosts do not appear automatically, they must be entered manually.  The lookup zone is the same as the domain name
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