Applet and Javascript overlay problem....

I have a page with a javascript that handles a horizontal drop down menu at the top of my page.  Just under that I am using an applet to provide a horizontal news ticker of major events.

My problem is now that I have added the applet the drop down selections get overlaid by the news and I would like it the other way around.

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VincentPugliaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  That occurs because the applet (and selection lists) have a higher priority than normal javascript/css rendered elements.  The only 'real' solution is to place the applet within a div/span and then change the div's display to 'none' when the menu is fired (dropped down) and to 'block' when the menu returns to its normal form.  

The other solution is to leave a lot of blank space or remove the applet.

ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
A third option is to bring a iframe exact the same size and position where your dropdown occures, but that option is the toughest one.
What do you choose?

  Do you mean to have the dropdown's submenus appear in the iframe?  Never would have thought of that, but tough ain't the word :D

ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
No, no!
The idea is to have a hidden iframe and move it below the menu div areas to protect the menu areas.
That overlaps the <select> and  <aplet> areas on the page.
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