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I run an applicaion which uses a database with file extentions like .db, .px, .qbe, .mb and .y02. I am unsure what kind of database this is and I also have a problem a corrupt index file (orders.px) which prevents me from adding a record in an orders table.
Could someone please help me with this problem?
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Go to

Download file and extract it.

Then run Pdxrbld.exe

Choose Select database by directory.
Navigate to that directory.

Choose Rebuild all tables then click start.

What this does is recreates the indexes into the table.

The problem is usually caused when you transfer the actuall database files from one machine to another and the time stamps for the indexes differ.

Let me know if you need more help using Pdxrbld.exe
Sounds like its a corrupt index in a Paradox / Borland Database Engine database.  

Here is a link that has some tools that may help you:

And another:

Sorry, I don't know much about Paradox.

lyndom2003Author Commented:

I've extracted but I can't seem to find Pdxrbld.exe.

Can you help me here, thanks,

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lyndom2003Author Commented:
I think I need to compile some of the files. I havn't worked with this before. It seems to be delphi, pascal or something. How can I do this?
Do you have an email I can zip up the files you need so won't have to compile them.

I'm surprised Experts - Exchange doesn't have a way to attach things.  Maybe they do but I don't know about it.
lyndom2003Author Commented:
It's ok I found an executable version of file it works fine....thanks anyway.
I believe she had her uestion answered.  She says she obtainied an executable version of pdrxbld (paradox rebuild utility).  If she has this program it will clean up all the corrupt indexes by simply running it and choosing which database to clean up.
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