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Using javascript to create "screensaver" like page that flips through "records"--complicated formatted pages and images

groovymonkey asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Here is what I am trying to do...
I have been asked to create a web page that users (about 100) can link to and make their default home page.  This page will be used to display information about missing children.  The layout for each displayed "record" will involve complicated layouts using css and images.  I am looking for the most resource appropriate solution.  Perhaps there is a way to include all of this info on one page?  I want to make sure that all users have no problem viewing the info.  I only have access available for a databas so I thought perhaps that this is not the best method to do it because of possible simultaneous requests "breaking" the page.  I have allocated a large amount of points for for this question because I will need a walk through on this one...I also have 500 points available at the following question...


It is urgent and important!
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So what do you want us to do?????

I am confused
1) create a maximized page with 2 or more divs or frames
2) fill the divs with the photo and appropriate info
3) have a setTimeout that calls a function to change the image & info every X seconds
4) have an event handler to check if the mouse moves
if it does, call a different setTimeout to check for mousemoves and  kill the first setTimeout



Could you give me some sample working code for say 2 images with text?  I will try it out.
Hi groovymonkey,

   Are you getting paid for this? Essentially you're asking for someone to write an app for free.

vinny what exactly does he want? i am lost its monday here :)
Hi jay,

  He wants an app that will flick through various images w/text while keeping an eyeball on the mousemove.  When the mouse moves, he needs to restore control to the user.

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Okay...well that raised a lot of comments...first of all I am a she...second of all...my dilema is that I do not know javascript at all.  Due to the amount of people using this as a screensaver (it is within our organization) I was not sure of what the best most efficient way is to do this.  Is the refresh way the best way to do it.  I just don't want users to have a page unavailable or something like that come up.  As far as getting paid for this..I am on salary so I guess I would be...I just needed some basic to intermediate guidance (especially if it is js).
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Why did you grade my proposal with a B?
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