MSChart help - damzil in distress!

Hi guys, i have a little problem,

I have a database called 97medical.mdb.

In this database are some tables, and one in particular called "patient".

In patient table, there is a field called "gender", in which it specifies if the patient is a male or female..

What i want to know is how do i create a bar graph, showing how many male patients are on the database and how many female patients there are?

I am really really new to this, so it would be great if you could post each step by step.

Many thanks in advance you lurvley people!  (Oh what! - no smileys, o well....cheeky_galuk winks)LOL

ps,i,m using VB6.
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leonstrykerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well the first thing you need to know is to how to use ADO so take alook here:

Take a look here:

Basically once you have the numbers from the database just setup the properties of the object.

cheeky_galukAuthor Commented:
Hey there Leon,

thanks for that, but i,ve already tried MSDN, planet-source code and other various sites/books, but i really dont understand it.

That MSDN site is soo confusing.  Why dont microsoft write that sort of help in proper english so that complete newbies like me can understand it.

o well, enough ranting -

When you mean numbers from the database, how do you mean?

I thought that VB would calcualte how many patients are male and how many are female by reading it from the database.?

Thanks + looking forward to your reply...
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Create a connection to the database, setup an DAO or an ADO object and write a SQL query to return you the number of male and female patients, something like:

SELECT COUNT(gender)  FROM patient WHERE gender = 'male'
SELECT COUNT(gender)  FROM patient WHERE gender = 'female'

Now you have a recordset with the number of men and women, you can then display these values any way you need to.


cheeky_galukAuthor Commented:
Hi leonstryker,

sorry if i am asking silly questions, but i,m not that familar with VB..

how do i set a DAO/ADO object to my database?

Also, that SQL query, do i type that into the MSChart1's code page?

Once again, sorry if this questions seem silly to you, but i,m not too familar with this..


You are asking at least 3 separate questions here and it seems you do not have I lot of experience with VB as well.  Is this project by change school work?

Same question by different person:

You guys must be taking the same class.  ;)

cheeky_galukAuthor Commented:
LOL, Leon, i am 38 years old and can assure you i am not at school, lol

As it is holidays here, i decided to pratice with some VB stuff, and just asking out of curiosity,

as for the the other post, i actually didnt see that on here, but similar question - i agree..
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