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E-Trust Remote Install Error

StayinAlive asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-02-13
I keep getting the following error when using the remote install utility with E-Trust v7.0 with SP1 :

"Installation failed: The operation could not be completed. Error code is 1237. "

I have had success using the exact same setup and settings on all other attemps from identical Domain Controllers. I am pushing with Domain Admin credentials from a Domain Controller. The target PCs have authenticated users in the local admin group. It is only 1 DC out of 4 that is having problems.

Any idea?
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Top Expert 2007

Try this:

Click Start->Run>Notepad "%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following line          crl.verisign.com

Click File/Save

You may need to reboot...

Ref: https://getca.verisign.com/update.html


I tried but no dice. I still get the same error.

Just to repeat the problem: You want to push the client installation from your DCs. This is working from 3 DCs but will fail from 1 DC.

> The target PCs have authenticated users in the local admin group.
This is not necessary for the push installation. If you push an installation using CA's RemoteInstall you might use any domain admin account. So it's necessary that the global group "Domain admins" is member of the local Administrators group on all of your target machines. You can check the necessary rights in RemoteInstall: Mark one of the target computers and click on the "Verify login credentials" symbol. The response should be "Verificatioin successful".

Are the 4 DCs all part of the same domain? If yes: Is it possible to make a push installation to one of the failed computers from one of the 3 other DCs?

Have you already updated eTrust AV v7 with these post SP1 fixes?

There is a new cumulative fix available (since 04/16/2004): http://esupport.ca.com/premium/antivirus/downloads/nt/7.0/QO53447.asp

There is a new realtime driver update available (since 04/20/2004):

You may need to register to CA's eSupport to access these sites.



Thanks for the try but it still doesn't work. Even CA's tech support couldn't help.

To answer your question: >Are the 4 DCs all part of the same domain? If yes: Is it possible to make a push installation to one of the failed computers from one of the 3 other DCs?

All 4 DCs are part of the same domain and I can push successfully from any of the other 3. Also the Domain Admins global group is in the Administrators group on all PCs. I can also successfully "Verify login credentials" from all 4 DCs.

I have updated all clients and the DC that is having the issue with SP1 and the post fixes. They did not help.

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Thanks Ghana!

The solution that worked was part "a" of your post above:

>>>a) Below the InoRemote folder there is a folder named 'Image'. It contains the program files that will be copied to the target client computers. This folder must contain the same data as the 'Image' folders on the other DCs. You might delete the folder on the one DC and copy the content from one of the 'good' DCs.

Thanks again!

Glad I could help you. Thanks for the points!

> Even CA's tech support couldn't help.
Maybe I should ask CA to work in their support...   ;-)

I had a simular problem with ver 8.1
I did the following:
After install fails reboot PC
turn off windows firewall
install manually via the network share
reboot PC
re-push install using the remote install utility.
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