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paging and navigation Recordset

nikou asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Any body knows any free script for macromedia Dreamweaver MX that could navigate the recordset in ASP looks lik this:
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This is the best one I've found, but it isn't free:


$35.00 is a small price to pay for so many features, though.

Also, if you really want some help with this, you should consider offereing more than 20 points...just a thought.

Good luck!

If you were using coldfusion I have a cf tag I made to take care of all the recordset navigation stuff, if you have any experience with coldfusion I could give you the idea behind it and you could create a tag for yourself in ASP that does this for you? But I'm not that familiar with ASP so I wouldn't be able to offer any examples using ASP.

Lemme know,

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Hey just checking, do you still need help on this question? I see you still have it open, wondering if you have it working now?

Need any more help, lemme know :)

Are you still having any trouble with your question???


Ya, trailblazzyr55,
I am looking for a free ASP Dreamweaver extension to produce automatically paging like this.<< Previous 1 2 3 4 next >>
I've written an script to do that but could not be used to expand in Dreamweaver MX.
Yeah there's an extension you can add in there for dreamweaver, made by Tom Muck, here's the page..


you may also want to check out this page:


Good Luck!
oops sorry bout that, hold on a sec...

check out this first:


and I'll get back to ya in a sec on what the paging extension link is
Alright here's the link to Tom Muck's updated recordset navigation suite...


This one: http://www.dmxzone.net/ShowDetail.asp?NewsId=2219 is to anotehr extension of his. Sorry...

Now this recordset navigation suite does cost a little bit, but it's worth it if you want an extension that does all that recordset stuff for you, but there are other free extensions out there, but they're pretty limited.

This page on here

should give you a example on how you could do the recordset paging.

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