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Comparing and finding list of defaulters who have not submitted a form

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have designed a database in which user can submit its responses through a form. Now I want to design a button which can compare a master database which is also part of the same database entered through separate form and visible in a “User Master” view with the “response view” and show the list of users who have not yet submitted there responses. I also want a facility in which we can send a reminder mail to the defaulter from the same view.

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UPdate the parent document with the username whenever a response document is submitted, Now from the master list do a replacesubstring to get hte list of pppl who have not submitted

Say you have two views I column listing the user names.. then this how you compare the list

resp := @DBColumn("Notes":"NoCache"; @DBName; "response view"; 1);
mast := @DBColumn("Notes":"NoCache"; @DBName; "User Master"; 1);
@IF( @ISError(resp) | @Iserror(Mast); @Return([ok]; "Error"; "Error encountered during lookup")); 1);
@Trim(@Replace( resp; mast; ""))

To send reminder.. Create agent with simple action to run on the master view and select Send Mail Message as an option.. and select To field to point to the field name of the user listed in master documents


what i was trying to point out was, in the querysave of teh responsedocument just give this code

      Dim session As New notessession
      Dim db As notesdatabase
      Set db = session.currentdatabase
      Set doc = source.document
      Set parentdoc = db.getdocumentbyunid(doc.ParentDocumentUNID)
      Set item = parentdoc.GetFirstItem( "<submittedlist>" ) ' replace the submitted list with the field name
      Call item.AppendToTextList( "<your responsedentsname> ") ' replace the respondents name
      Call parentdoc.Save( False, True )


I think I might not able to explain you properly my requirement -
If suppose I'm comparing View A with View B where View B is user master record, the difference between the list should appear in a window or should get highlighted in the master record.

Also entry in the view A is date wise (Like same set of users enter same form every fortnight) and in the above solution I should have facility of selection of documents date wise for comparison.

I want this whole thing in a action button
Create two views sorted on Usernames and use my code in a dialog list formula selection..


I have tried your formula in dialog list but it's giving error
Too many arguments after "Error"

One more thing how can I incorporate selection by date in it?
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Hi Hemantha..It worked thanks a lot for your tip...
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