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I have a user that brought this to my attention. They are in their mail database, no preview pane. They want to drag a message into trash. Sometimes it works and sometimes, if they hold down the left mouse button a little long, the document opens. We don't want this to happen. What is the cause, and can it be corrected?
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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try the sensitivity..that might even trigger the document to open if it is too sensitive
Check if the user has selected single click option in his mouse settings..

schmad01Author Commented:
Checked that.  I am beginning to think it may be just the mouse itself.
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did u tried urself doing the same manner what ur users r doing?
This may give u some help.
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try the easiest thing and stick a new mouse on it.
I've tried sticking mice on stuff. The girls usually scream, and the janitor get miffed when he has to unglue dead rodent.
schmad01Author Commented:
Sensitivity issue.  Seems to be the trend these days. (hee hee).  Thanks Hemanth.
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