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Why doesn't Internet Explorer 6 run a Movable Type CGI script?

I'm trying to install Movable Type (a popular open-source web log application) on my web hosting provider's server. I uploaded the latest version, set permissions of .cgi files to 755 (as instructed in the Movable Type documentation), and made sure to upload .cgi files in ASCII mode. I also checked with my web hosting provider to make sure all required Perl modules are installed (they are).

The Movable Type documentation instructs me to open a CGI file in a browser (called mt-check.cgi) that is supposed to run a check to ensure all required Perl modules are installed.

Every time I try to open/run this CGI script in IE6, the "File Download" box pops up asking if I want to open or save the file. If I choose "Open," it just opens the CGI source code in Notepad.

I called tech support for my hosting provider---they opened the same URL (pointing to the CGI script) and it worked perfectly for them. (I neglected to ask them what browser they were using...)

Why won't IE6 run this script? I've poked around in Security settings and can't seem to find anything to get around this. I'd be grateful for any assistance!

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The behaviour you are seeing is nothing to do with the browser and everything to do with the web server.

Are you absolutely sure you were using the same URL as your tech support?

The other possibility is that your service provider operates a web cluster and that you were pointing to one of their servers that had a different configuration (ie: wasn't setup to run CGI scripts).

Try using the IP address of your webserver instead, and see if that makes a difference.
lscottwAuthor Commented:
Hmm...I suspect the problem is with the web server too...but my web hosting provider is giving me a bit of the runaround. I tried accessing the CGI script using my IP address, and got the same result (File Download dialog box).

If anyone cares to try, I'd be curious to see what results you get. The URL to the script I'm trying to run is:

Meanwhile, I'll contact tech support again and try to break through the runaround!

I get the same result as you (shows the code), so my suspicion is that your tech support people are looking at another URL.
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If you use virtual hosting, then your web site probably has more than a single url.
you may access it via http://www.yoursite.org

but your ISP may access it via something like http://www666.yourISP.com/hosting/yoursite.org
with proper configuration it should work in both cases, but hey, who said the configuration is proper?

Works for me.   I'm using Mozilla FireBird.
When you do a DNS lookup on www.shadepine.com, do you get

If not, then your site could be on a webcluster or similar setup.

Interestingly enough, it's working for me today, so either the DNS is pointing to a different server, or your service prodvider fixed the problem.

either this is a server problem, then ask your ISP
or your server is a virtual host (for example in apache) *and* your browser sends HTTP/1.0 request only, if so
tell your browser to send HTTP/1.1 requests
Can't be a browser issue as I used the same browsers a couple of days ago and it wasn't working (ie: downloaded the source), then the following day, it was working.
lscottwAuthor Commented:
To everyone who responded---I finally figured out the problem, and (as is so often the case) the problem was user error: I had the incorrect path to Perl entered in one of MovableType's configuration scripts. (DOH!)

So I can't blame the problem on IE6, which worked fine and executed the script once I corrected the path.

Thanks again,
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