Outlook Not Printing Excel attachments

When i get some excel attachemts with my mail. I could open that mail but it is just printing the boders of the cell not the data written into those cells. I am using Windows 98 Second Edition Arabic Enabled.
Previously it was not printing just plain text mails. Then Whenever i change the option
view=>Encoding ==>Arabic(window) it started printing but even now the attachments are not printing.

I tried:

1.   Upgraded to IE 6.
2.   Deletion Excel and word Normal.dat template files.

Plz Help me out of this problem

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robinluoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think your problem resides in OS level.

The big pain of Windows 98 is it actually accumulates errors and once a while, you need to re-install everything otherwise the system will run funny.

If you don't want to reinstall Win98 for now, at least run SFC.exe which is a system file checking program and restore some damaged system files.

Hope this helps.
Have you tried to save the excel attachment and then print it out ? If not , try that
It may also help to try a Detect And Repair on Excel.
Another possibility if this is Office 97 or 2000 is to remove it, run the eraser program, and reinstall it.
Eraser97 - http://www-pc.uni-regensburg.de/systemsw/office/Off97/eraser97.htm
Eraser2k - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;239938
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