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Urgent, if solved today will offer 500 extra points in another post ... ADC connector problem

neowolf219 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-05
I am trying to migrate from 5.5 to 2003 exchange.  I have run forestprep and domain prep, along with setting up the ADC.

Everything appears to be working fine, except when I choose verify on step 4 of the ADC (after running connection wizard), I get the following:

Pass 1 of 2: Active Directory Connector Object Replication Check validation (objects processed: 93)
Warning: The Exchange 5.5 directory still contains objects that are not replicated to Active Directory. If you have just run Connection Agreement Wizard, allow time for directory replication to complete, and then rerun the verification task in Step 4. Otherwise, run the Connection Agreement Wizard.
Pass 2 of 2: Active Directory Object Replication Scan validation (objects processed: 74)
Warning: Active Directory still contains objects that are not replicated to the Exchange 5.5 directory. If you have just run Connection Agreement Wizard, allow time for directory replication to complete, and then rerun the verification task in Step 4. Otherwise, run the Connection Agreement Wizard.
Finished verifying the results of the ADC Tools.

This is a small organization (about 80 users).  Replication shouldn't take that long, should it?  

Some background,  the 55 exchange runs on a W2K DC with the Global Catalog.  I talked with MS about an earlier issue, and they had me change the 55 ldap port # to 390 to actually get ADC to connector to connect to exchange 5.5 (wasn't until I did that).  

I will greatly reward anyone who helps me figure this out.

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How long is it taking?  I would think that it wouldnt take very long.  ADC problems are tough because the ADC is buggy and most people only run them for a short time and then turn them off as soon as they can.

I'm not sure I'll be a tremendous amount of help, but I'll try my best.  Not concerned about points BTW.



Well, I finally installed EX2003, but when I try and move a mailbox from the 55 mailbox over using exchange tools, it erros out saying it cannot locate the new Exchange 2003 server


Has to do with DC which 55 is housed on also having Global Catalog server.  Moving GC to a new DC (had to find another box to load 2000 and promote to a Domain controller).  Going to move GC server to this box, remove it from 55, and then see what happens.  

Still open for any suggestions.


ok, that worked.  I now want to install exchange 2k3 on a cluster and be able to move the mailboxes from the front end to the cluster exchange 2k3.  Any trip ups known here?

Boy, you're making your way through this just fine.  I'm super busy at work right now, so I'm sorry for the delay.

There are issues with 5.5 being on a DC that can cause problems, but I don't remember them offhand.  No matter, you dealt with that.

I'm not a big fan of clustering.  I've done it a couple of times for two large clients and it didnt go well.  One of my earlier threads from last year goes into the ins/outs of cluster problems.  I'll see if I can find it.

Before we continue, why do you want to cluster?  

Aside from that, no problem moving mailboxes to an Exchange VS on a cluster.



I'll explain about the clustering later (the freeze dried version is sales ... that usually says it all, right).  

As of right now, I can move the mailboxes from the 5.5 to the standalone with no problem ... users can access their email like nothing changed.  

The new issues is that if I move the mailbox from the standalone 2003 exchange server to the Exchange cluster 2003 server, users can no longer access their Outlook (the move works just fine).  Don't know if I am missing any connectors or anything else.  Error message on the outlook is as follows

Cannot start MS Office Outlook.  Unable to open Outlook Window.  The set of folders could not be opened.  

For the record, I did make sure that the user was not logged into Outlook when I performed the move.  


It was the connector, the wizard was set it up at a higher level than need be.  By this, I mean that From Windows Tab for the Users connector was not pointing to the receipents folder, and the From Exchange Tab was not pointing toward the Users.  

I also went ahead and forced replication through Sites and Services, which seemed to clear everything up.  I tell you what OneHump, if have any good articles relating to removing last Exchange 5.5 from a site and can post them here, I will go ahead an reward you the points since you were the only one that bothered to converse with me on this.  

Any insights into that would also be appreciated (I've gotten some from Kidelgo also).  

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Where are we at with this?  How are things going?



Hey, sorry.  Been a little busy.  Everything is working.  I was doing this for another department, and when I looked at their current 5.5 system, they had NAV that was catching virus's every three hours.  They are working on that and looking into buying some groupware AV for their 2003 mail server.  Once they get that, we will move all of the users (we've only done a handful so far).  I figure I'll let that brew for a bit then remove the 5.5 (after doing pfmigrate, of course).  

Thanks for sticking in there with me.  You might not think you deserve them, but I'm going to go ahead an reward you the points.  I know it doesn't make much of a difference, but oh well.  

I'll post a topic and put your name in it if I run across any issus doing the removal of the 5.5 server.  This will take place in probably two weeks (give or take).  

Thanks again.

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