AOL 7.0 internal browser issue

A client is using AOL 7.0 on a Win ME machine. Recently the internal browser has stopped functioning.  She wants to click all the things WITHIN AOL like the weather and the Bed Bath & Beyond sale.  I visited once and in the end reloaded AOL 7.0 and all appeared to be working fine.  She has since reported that the problem is back.

While the problem existed prior to the reload, she could access email and some of the other things that don't require the internal browser.  I also tested the IE after minimizing AOL and it works just fine.  She simply prefers to surf from within.

I do not wish to upgrade to version 9.0 which is the only downloadable version as I have seen this resource hog take over XP systems, so I can only imagine what it will do to ME.

I wonder if there is an update that AOL is doing after the software is loaded that could be causing this problem?


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Asta CuCommented:
I don't use AOL for the reasons you've stated and find this an excellent resource, though XP specific.  But ME was somewhat trying to mimic the W2K/XP environment, so may prove beneficial nonetheless:;en-us;Q306478

 Windows Millennium Edition Support Center
 Visit the Windows Millennium Edition Support Center for links to common questions and answers, instructions, the latest downloads, and more.
 AOL Adapter Not Found with or Without AOL Installed
 (244646) - You may not be able to run America Online (AOL) because the AOL adapter is not present in Network properties and you cannot add it.
 AOL Setup Prompts for the Windows 98 CD-ROM Instead of the Windows Millennium Edition CD-ROM
 (264511) - When you try to install America Online (AOL) from the Online Services folder on the desktop after you upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition (Me), you be prompted to insert the Microsoft Windows 98 CD-ROM. However, when you do so, you may receive the...
 Cannot Stay Connected Using America Online (AOL) with Windows Driver Model (WDM) Modem
 (272016) - If you are using a Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver for your modem, the connection to America Online (AOL) may be dropped, and your computer may stop responding (hang) after 10 to 15 minutes of use.
 Problems Connecting to AOL or Shutting Down Your Computer After You Use AOL with Windows Me
 (276197) - If you use America Online (AOL) on a computer that is running Windows Millennium Edition (Me), you may experience any of the following symptoms:
 Error Message When You Browse Internet or Read E-mail with AOL
 (298888) - When you connect to the Internet by using America Online (AOL), and you attempt to browse the Internet or read e-mail, you may receive an error message similar to the one of the following: WAOL caused an Invalid Page Fault in module WINMM.DLL. If you...
 Frequently Asked Questions About AOL in Windows Millennium Edition
 (299829) - This article lists the most frequently asked questions about using America Online (AOL) with Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

Many more here
Asta CuCommented:
Can WINDOWSUPDATE still be used/completed?  If not, looks like Version 8 at minimal is needed.  More here:

When you download a Microsoft Windows Update, the installation may stop.
This behavior may occur if both the following conditions are true:
You are using a version of the AOL software earlier than AOL 8.0 Plus.

You use the AOL Web browser interface to access and download Windows Updates.
The AOL Web browser that is included with versions of the AOL program that are earlier than AOL 8.0 Plus did not communicate correctly with the Windows Installer software. As a result, Windows Installer may stop responding
Source link for more on RESOLUTION and workarounds:;en-us;811269&Product=winme

Off to work, hope this helps narrow the scope.

Free Tool: Site Down Detector

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Asta CuCommented:
I've poured through the AOL website trying to find specific issues, links and fixes for what your client has encountered in version 7.0 and find absolutely nothing there other than end-users being advised to upgrade.  I did find this, though, perhaps someone there can give you insights or workarounds, since what I've provided may not have served your needs.

If I have a problem with AOL, can I talk to a live person? ->>
Yes. Simply call 1-800-827-6364 for help whenever you need it. You can always expect top-quality service from AOL consultants.

You also had concerns about upgrading to version 9 in terms of resources; so including this which defined System Requirements and if IE (Browser is also upgraded and not already done, see the last item).

What does my system need to run the latest version of AOL?
Back to Top
Before you begin downloading AOL, be sure to check your operating system for the following parameters:
AOL® 9.0 Optimized System Requirements:
Pentium® class processor 166 MHz or higher
Windows® operating system of Windows 98 or higher
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Between 420 - 440 MB of free hard drive space to install AOL® 9.0 Optimized depending on your operating system, and up to an additional 81 MB if you need to install a new version of Internet Explorer
128 MB of RAM
VGA, SVGA or better display
800x600 screen resolution, 1024x768 for optimal viewing
28.8 Kbps or faster modem or other means of Internet connection
Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
NOTE: You may be given the opportunity to upgrade your Web browser while you are installing your AOL software. If you choose to upgrade your browser at the same time, you will need up to 100 MB of additional hard disk space.

More here from the source link:
Asta CuCommented:
Other thoughts - within IE - Clear all temporary internet files including offline content and history files.  For problem links, perhaps renaming the HOSTS file to oldhosts and rebooting will help.

Also found this, and source link, if it helps:
Troubleshooting Connection Problems
If you are receiving an error message listed below, click the link to obtain troubleshooting information:

Modem was unable to make a connection
We were unable to connect to AOL via TCP/IP connection
Modem is getting a busy signal
AOL was unable to connect. Please try again
Hangs at Step 1...Initializing
Hangs at Step 2...Dialing
Hangs at Step 3...Connecting at #
Hangs at Step 5...Connecting
Hangs at Step 7...
No dial tone
Invalid Password
System Error: KERNEL32.DLL
If you are having general connection problems, please click the following link to obtain troubleshooting information:

Getting Bumped Off-line
Keep getting a busy signal


Performance Issues
AOL freezes while online
Error: System Error: WAOL.EXE
Stored Mail (Filing Cabinet) Missing
Stored Mail (Filing Cabinet) Missing
AOL is running slowly
Error: Reset by Remote Host
Computer freezes when AOL starts
Preventing unwanted pop-ups
Setting up the Auto Start Preference

Asta CuCommented:
In the event you and your Client haven't considered BHOs, Spyware, Worm/trojan/virus, Browser Hijacking activities, that clearly is another possibility when internet behaviors change.  More on that and tools here:
I have used AOL 7,. 8 as well as 9.  But If you are not using "Broadband" I would not recommend AOL 9
for Dial Up.  I undersand that AOL 8 is much better on resources than 7 as well as saving some of stuff
like your favorites and "Pfc " on its website so as long as you use AOL you will not lose them.
I would suggest AOL 8.

If you want to download it, YOu can go here

If you want to order the CD Version of AOL 8, I think the only thing you or your client can do, is to
sign on to AOL and go to "Live Help" put that into your Keyword Box and then you have to ask
one of the Techs to order it for you, I tried to find a web page where you can order it, but
they told me the only way to to ask for it or you could also  call, but I have found the
on line "Live Help" at least a little more responsive.
WilyGuyAuthor Commented:
LRI41, the link just sends you to the aol download page, which conveniently picks version 9.  I have YET to see a system where it doesn't.  I got on a Win95 system to test the theory.  It downloads the aolsetup and then starts dling aol90.exe

I WISH I could download 8.  I may have found it on a ftp site, but won't know until I actually try it.

Asta CuCommented:
Unsubscribing, appears you're in good hands.  Good luck.
The page shows that you can download AOL 8 7 6 and some others, but I wouldn't be
surpirsed if they all go to AOL 9, I think if you either call them or go to "Live Help" you can
get them to mail out an old AOL 8 Cd which I have kept all my old ones for neighbors
of mine which I help out from time to time.  

did you actually click on the AOL 8 Plus Download and it took you to AOL 9, which
I believe was the second one down in the list?

I am also a little bit confused as to the question, do I understand that AOL 7 is NOW
working fine?

(I visited once and in the end reloaded AOL 7.0 and all appeared to be working fine

While the problem existed prior to the reload, she could access email and some of the other things that don't require the internal browser.  I also tested the IE after minimizing AOL and it works just fine.  She simply prefers to surf from within.)

Old Versions. Com only has AOL up to version 6 on its site.  

WilyGuyAuthor Commented:
Well I loaded version 9.0 (against my better judgement) and it appears to be stable.
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