baystack 425-24T switch questions

I really like what is said around here about baystack switches. I am going to purchase the baystack 425-24T but I have a few questions first.

1. We have a HP procurve 4000m that this baystack switch will be working with. There is a 1000baseT module on this procurve switch that will be used for the backbone. The baystack 425-24T says this: "2 flexible combo uplink ports". Does this mean I can use 1 of these ports for the gigabit backbone? Or is ths a uplink port for stacking baystack switches only?

2. Will there be any problems bringing a baystack switch into a primaraly HP procurve environment? In other words is it a bad idea to mix different brands of switches in a LAN?

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klingonheroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you were wondering about stacking the baystack to another baystack (now or in the future), that is done through stacking modules on the back of the stack, not with your fiber uplink modules. As for plugging the baystack into the procurve, both the modules are 1000Base-T (or twisted pair) so they should work.
Here's an HP faq page that can help:

Info about your module:
Q: What are the features of the HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module?
The HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module (J4115A and J4115B) is an accessory that can be added to the HP ProCurve Switch 1600m, 2424m, 4000m, and 8000m. The HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module provides one twisted-pair port with an RJ-45 connector for 100Mbps or 1000Mbps (Gigabit) operation over category 5 cable. Like all of the switch modules available for this line of products, the HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module is shipped ready for network operation as soon as a viable network cable is connected. The LEDs on this module provide information on the link status, network activity, connection bandwidth, and communication mode (half or full duplex). And, as with all other HP ProCurve modules, it features "hot-swap" operation, meaning addition or replacement of a module can be achieved without having to shut down the switch (changing the module type in a given slot does require a switch reset).

You'll need to software upgrade your procurve to use the module too:
Q: Do I need a software update on my switch to use the HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module?
Yes. Your HP ProCurve Switch requires software version C.07.20 or later to support the J4115A HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module, and software version C.07.27 or later to support the J4115B HP ProCurve Switch 100/1000Base-T Module. The new software is found on the floppy disk included with the module. You can also download the software from this web site (select "software" in the right navigation box on this page). After installation of the software you can install the module into a slot on the switch.

Good links. I hope they all help you.
The baystack 425-24t does have gigabit fiber uplink ports. As long as you don't have HP proprietary protocols running, there shouldn't be any issues mixing your network devices.

Ports 25 and 26 are the uplink ports. If you stack the switches, then port 26 is automatically turned off.

Here's a link:
illtbaguAuthor Commented:
The 1000baseT module on the baystack will connect to a 1000baseT module on a procurve switch. The 1000baseT module on the procurve is a PN J4115B it is a 1000BTX module.
Does this tell you anything more?

My problem is I don't understand the difference between the TX FX LX technowledgy. I have not found any good links that explain what these are.
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These are all different transeiver types. This is 2 layers below the ip network layer in the OSI network model. Your question is at the Physical Layer. These are physical media specifications.

TX is twisted pair (10/100 base tx) standard/fast ethernet, FX is two stranded optical fiber cable, LX is multimode or single mode fiber.

Here's a really good link:

Here's another one:

illtbaguAuthor Commented:
Thanks klingonhero,

I already have the 1000baseT module installed in the procurve. I am also running the latest firmware :)

You have been of great help to me thanks,
No problem, remember too to use a Cat5E cable between the two.
illtbaguAuthor Commented:
Ahhh geeeze
You Mean I can't use a shoe string :)
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