CD drive will not open anymore

Hi.  My 82 year old Dad loves to play an older (2001??) Sierra Hoyle Card Games CD on his computer in FLorida.  It is an older computer and an older program that he insists on using.  

The Sierra Hoyle Card Games CD which he has played for years has developed the following symptions.

1. Earlier this year, he couldn't get the CD Rom drive to "read" the disk; or the disk would try to open a duplicate program.  Note:  this particular CD has an "Auto Run" feature and must be left in the CD in-order to get all the bells-n-whistles in the game.

So he "licked" (sic) the CD and suddenly it started working.

2.  NOW he can't get the CD to even open.

He has a Hewlet Packard PC and I think it is running the version of Windows just before Windows XP.  (Was that Windows 2000?)  I'm sure the PC is at least three years old.

I can get more details on the operating system and/or hardware . . .  but I thought you guys might know of a trick to get CD roms to open when they are stuck -- like unplugging the system and opening the case, etc.

I've awarding a lot of points  because this question is so vague and because my Dad is leaving from Florida to come North, tomorrow afternoon.  (Yeah,  he waited until now to let me know the CD was stuck.)

Thanks for your help and let me know if you need more info.

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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another 'trick' - depending on the operating system - is try right-clicking the drive and see if there is an Eject option listed... (my guess is this won't work - but worth a shot in case the drive's eject button is damaged).

Failing that - it will need to be opened up by someone that knows how to take a cd-rom apart (I'm in GA - is he driving? :D)
On most CD-ROMs there is a 'small' (tiny) hole.
Typically you place a paper-clip in there an viola! it opens...
Give it a shot...
LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi aprillougheed,

> but I thought you guys might know of a trick to get CD roms to open when they are stuck
Pretty easy, unfold a paperclip and push it in the little hole in front of the cd-rom drive.


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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Aaaarch! same time again... You sure have better coffee sirbounty ;-)
Haha - and would you believe I'm drinking Kenyan coffee today (although I have had 4 cups ;)
Just read your post again - the right-click trick should work, if the problem is actually saliva on the cd-rom's eject button. LOL
buckeyes33Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if the right click method does not work then the drive is bad and will have to be replaced.  The paper clip method should work no matter what.

replacing the drive would not be difficult or expensive.  

BTW that game is addicting.
No paper-clip trick here?
Did he get it open?
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Hi all.  Dad and I tried the "tiny hole" and the "rightclick reject".

Rightclick/eject didn't eject the drive - but auto started the game.

Neither one of us can find a tiny whole on our cd drives on our Hewlet Packard PCs.  But I have one on my Toshiba Lap Top.  So it's a great trick to know.

He is going to open up his case and remove the drive.  Makes him feel great to "beat the system" so to speak.

Once before he installed a new battery, so he's been in the case before.

Finally, the CD is "growling" so it seems to be having trouble digesting the Hoyle Game.  I had this happen to me once too, and the CD actually broke apart in the CD drive.  But I was able to get it open and out.

We bought the HP at Sam's Club several years ago . . . so I think we're lucky it is still plugging along.

Really glad you guys are around.  We had some big yuks on your comments.

Thanks. April

P.S.  I'm secretly thrilled that he is learning that PCs don't last forever.  He's kept some from like 1995 and I end up struggling to keep them running.  He's more accepting of getting new computers now, and he inherits one from me every couple years . . . as I'm a web developer, e-merchant.  Well, I guess it is a good excuse for me to get a new PC often too.  Now if I can just dream up a reason why I have to have a Tablet PC.   LOL

Great - well, not all drives will have this little manual-eject hole, but they can come in handy.
If the drive is dying, then replacing it is your best bet.

I have seen holes on top of drives to eject it too.  I don't remember what kind of drives they were though.  As for getting the disk out.  You can just take all the screws out of it and remove the outside.  After that you can get the front to push out with your finger.
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