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Problem Devices in the System info?

fyretek2 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-11
Hi, i was just going through my system info screen and noticed under the storage heading and sub catagory of problem devices. This is what it shows :

ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering      ACPI\*PNP0C0F\00000003      22
ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering      ACPI\*PNP0C0F\00000005      22
ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering      ACPI\*PNP0C0F\00000007      22
Canon MultiPASS C530      LPTENUM\CANONMULTIPASS_C530E414\ACPI&*PNP0400&0      28
Processor support      ROOT\SYSTEM\0000      2

Now the reason i was browsing was because of the last item listed, processor support, i saw this had a warning for it in  the cotrol panel's system-device manager section.

Anyone know what this is and should it be fixed? I am having a big loss of resources problem from WinME. My system is not crashing or giving me any error messages but I would like the system to run at it's best, any suggestions?

Oh by the way the #'s spaced off after each entry are the error codes from the system info screen.

Thanks in advanced.
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I would go for a chipset driver update.

Do you know the chipset on your motherboard?

Check their site for updated drivers.



Yeah it's intel 8215 p3, and i was there today and the only update was a aug. 2002 version it did nothing as a matter of fact it errored in install and shut off lol

was just reading this fro MS  http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=272291

about some of the prob's
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         >  I am having a big loss of resources problem from WinME  <

 You could have a look at this link which explains "System Resources" and "Memory":
In particular, it's "System Resources" that should interest you.    

There are often problems caused by programs running unnecessarily in the background, slowing your computer.  
In most cases these start at the same time as Windows, and are often no longer required.
Select Start > Run and type  MSCONFIG.   From the System Configuration Utility, select the Startup tab.  
Look at the programs that 'start up' and see which ones that you probably no longer require.    You can use the
links below to decide which 'Task List Programs' to remove.   Then uncheck(untick) the unwanted items. Reboot.                          

   This one describes the function of each program in MSCONFIG :




Here's another useful link.     Sections 3 and 4 are particularly relevent:  



Howdy, just an update. I was messing around again lol and did use the highjack this program, which works well btw. and also decided to check out my reg. so i went into reg edit and under system_unistall found several old app's there that could go bye bye, after i took them out and re-ran highjack this and spybot and selective start-up i now have gone from about a 72% performance to a 91%. hmm not exaclty sure why what i did made the change but at least it was a good thing.

thanks for all the advice all.
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Good news are great!


        >  72% performance to a 91%  <
Probably due to you reducing apps in 'Selective Start-up'


Not realy i have had selective start up on since i have had this putr, and it realy hasn't made that much of a difference, it's definetly apps them self some how, not realy sure.
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