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autostarting a cmd in Solaris 2.8

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Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have a keybd/ms client software (synergy) that communicates to the server over the LAN allowing me to share one keybd/ms across multiple devices over IP.  I'd like to run the client software on my Solaris 2.8 'client' automatically before I log in and for it to remain running after I've logged in.

Currently, I've added the command in the /etc/rc2.d and also the /etc/rc3.d dir.  File was named S99sym and chmod'd to 755.  

The current result is that the prg is not launched until 1-2 minutes AFTER I've logged in.

How can I get it to run PRIOR to login (while at the GUI login screen)?

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init process rc files sequentially. in most cases S99 will be executed after all other daemons started. When you select number you need to be aware what other services are required for your program to start.


Right.  The reason I selected S99 is because it is the highest number and any previous services will have already started.  I've waited at the login prompt for 5-10 minutes just in case but it wont start until AFTER i've logged in.

I'm not sure if after number it's going in alphabetical order. But looks like in your case it's starting after login. So check what number dtlogin is and make yor rc script at least 1 less.
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The software must be waiting for something, as it will be started before you login.  Does it have dependencies on anything else?
> ..  keybd/ms ..
are you talking about software maniging keybord/mouse input?
If so, how could you login without that input? And where comes your input from after login (starting your program)?


Here's the link to the free software: http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/doc-user.html

I'm going to try entering the cmd in some Xsession and/or Xsetup files and retry...

(It works for me in RH Linux - starts before logon prompt.)


Ok. I figured it out.  I added the startup cmd to the following two files & it successfully runs before I logon and stays running after I've logged on.


Thanks for you help, guys.
rc2.d and rc3.d scripts are ran when the server changes run levels.  You will want to place a .login file into the home directory of the account you wish to have the programs start automatically.  .login scripts are parsed each time a user logins in and the /bin/login program is executed to process that login.


My issue was getting the prgs to run *before* anyone logged in.
so was Xsetup and/or Xsession not successful?


It WAS successful!  
I was just responding to greg14unix's comments.


Yes, I found a working solution myself.
Please close & refund.
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