How to change start-up folder

My company has just done the upgrade to Lotus Notes 6.0. Somehow, when I open Mail it defaults to the Sent folder... Please advise what should be changed so that the mail opens up in the Inbox folder. Thank you.
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Usually it should default to inbox.. Try enabling Retain view column sorting in user preferences (file menu)

The probable cause would be that the template is screwed..

Follow this to repair the template, open the template in designer and follow this instructions

 Switch to the Folders view.
 Double-click the $Inbox folder to open it.  The InfoBox for Folder properties will also open.
 Switch to the 2nd tab in the InfoBox and select the checkbox labeled, "Default Design for New Folders and Views."
 Save the $Inbox folder.

And then refresh your mail db design
AlexC77Author Commented:
Retain view column sorting is enabled.

I am the user of Lotus Notes, not administrator. Can I somehow edit the template anyway?
Thank you.
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You need Domino Designer to change template.
Why dont you just replace the template design came with  R6 install. The way to do this is right click your database icon from workspace , select database and than replace design , when it opens a dialog box , either pick local or server copy of your mail template should say mail (R6) , file name is mail6.ntf. Now once it replaces the design , open the database and check it out.

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Open the Database Properties box, go to the 5th tab (startup options), it should say:
   Open designated Frameset

Correct this if necessary. If this is changed automatically tomorrow or the day after, then the template settings are wrong, but then all other users must have the same problem.

Sjef :)
AlexC77Author Commented:
xp_commander' s solution worked out great! THank you!
AlexC77Author Commented:
Urgent!!! Now the same problem came back again (I guess after restarting). I refreshed and replaced the database design, it gave me the note on the bottom that the update/refresh process was completed... When I tried to close the program - I saw that the program was deleting some of the files... Now when I open Lotus Notes - it gives me an error - Toolbar configuration not found and further messages like "Context toolbar not found"...

Can I get back to normal life without contacting helpdesk and/or administrator?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Is everything R6, or only your client? Then the server would replace the design to R5 during the night, so the next day you will have the old design back. If this is what happened, replace the design with R6 mail once again, then remove the template name from the Database Properties (4th tab, Inherit..., should be either StdR6Mail or empty). If you make it empty, the design will never be changed automatically until you replace the value.
AlexC77Author Commented:
Perfect, Thank you!
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