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I have an eMachine 1.1GHz, 256mb SDRAM, 20GB HDD, Win XP. 6 month ago, It gave me "No Operating System Found"
Then I ran a repair on win XP. It worked for a week then It gave me the same ERROR "No Operating System Found".
After that I replaced the HDD, then the Memory.. The message was going on and off. Some times, the problem can be resolved
by shutting the system down. I formatted the system 3 times. and still having the problems. Please help...

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is what happens when it can't find your hard drive.  This can be due to a CMOS battery going bad, a CMOS circuit that is failing on the motherboard, or a power supply that is erratic.  I would also have said a failing hard disk, but you replaced that already; however, a bad power supply can multiply problems by causing failures in new equipment.  The two obvious candidates are the power supply and CMOS battery.
alwishahAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will test that for a week and get back with you....


This is happening on an Emachine?  I would have never thunkit.

Callandor has listed the things that it could be.  

One thing that he did not list was the IDE cable.  Might want to change it with the CD-ROM one and see what happens.
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alwishahAuthor Commented:
The first thing I did was replacing HDD and IDE cable about 5 month ago.
ok, keep us updated.
check the boot sequence it might be that is is not lokking for a harddrive boot record but instead on a floppy or cd rom or something else
alwishahAuthor Commented:

Erratic Powersupply was the problem...
Thank you everybody....

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