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Can VB create Windows DLL

wrightb5 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-12-16
I am trying to make a windows dll, with exposed functions, in VB. In C++ you could use a .def file to specify the exported functions. What is the equivalent in VB?
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ho hum...
After looking around all day I was begining to suspect this. At least I can start trying to think of some other way now.
Very prompt reply, thanks.

Top Expert 2010

You can create a windows DLL in visual basic
EGL: Its an activeX dll, I've never seen a Win32 DLL written in Visual Basic.
Top Expert 2010

Yes I know but It is now possible Have you seen the article yet?
Top Expert 2010

I know it works because I make them all the time. No need to register it either. It intercepts the compiler.
Although that is a clever work around...the reliability of the article is in question. You are better off using PowerBasic or something to accomplish a task like this. I've never been a fan of the Visual Basic hacks, ie (inline asm via op codes in vb, ** vb windows dlls **,etc). If you plan on distributing software you cannot have DLLs that were created this way. Although they might work, the fact is, VB was not ment to do this. If you want a language that you dont have to "hack" to make a windows dll, then program in c/c++,delphi,etc.
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