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Virus Problems....


  Sometimes when i try to open an URL, it is taking too much of time and when i check the status bar..it shows Installing components... some cab files..this is happenening when i try to view any crack sites. Eventhough if i try ot close the site..it is not closing...
 When i try to open some mails from my inbox, it is trying to execute some scripts..when i click the subject link..it is executing..

 I want to know...How this is happening and how to stop the url to install some components..

Thanks in advance
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1 Solution
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi ggurus,

> this is happenening when i try to view any crack sites.
That's what you get from visiting those sites. I suggest you to try legal sites.

To clean up the mess, take a look at this list:


Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:

crack sites?

Some of the best developers and progammers are our colleagues here on this site, do you really expect help from us when you openly admit to software theft?
Go away quietly

I suggest downloading ad-aware the free version and running it on your machine, also I have had luck with simple computer maintenance to help combat these problems.

Although I do visit many sites to stay current security, I do not have that many problems as long as i periodiclly:

Run ad-aware every other day..takes about 5 minutes to run.
Run Disk Cleanup once a week and make sure you empty the temp files.
Clear history, temp files and cookies once a week in Internet Explorer.
And.....to round off the maintenance....run good old defrage once a week.

Also, never open attachments that you werent expecting. But the biggest thing is to ignore....as much as it hurts........any popup that says "click here for cool stuff that will make your machine uber fast".... or....."looking for the perfect mate, click here"....those could be some of your problems.

Finally.....i recommend periodically(like now) going through your task manager, and researching all the running executables in google. You will be suprised at how many ad/malware programs may be installed. Typically I know on my maching....if I have more then 24 processis running, then something got added....but thats my machine, you need to get familiar with your task manager, determine what is supposed to be there, and what is junk. During your research on google, there are usually expainations on how to remove the bad programs...some include modifying the registry.....I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIANCE........

most of the time there is a need uninstaller package, or tool that that will remove the junk for you. use them, its usually safer....

Let me know if that helps.


The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

Managing application connectivity and security policies can be achieved more effectively when following a framework that automates repeatable processes and ensures that the right activities are performed in the right order.

Get a firewall application like ZoneAlarm so you can see all inbound and outbound connectivity requests and you may find quite a few things going on behind your back.

You may also want to find an application like CLEANSWEEP (by Norton/Symantec) that will remove ACTIVE X controls downloaded off the web.  
> Virus Problems....
> when i click the subject link..it is executing..

er, that is the nature of malicious sites. If you visit them it is not wise to run their programs without proper prophylactics, that not only stands to reason but is widely reported by a substantial number of vulnerability exploits.

Good time for rebuild and plugging all holes with updates, and switch from the vulnerable browser to an alternative (while considering a switch from the vulnerable OS).

> how to stop the url to install some components

How about, do not agree to run strange programs (and you may well get lass viruses)
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Try a browser with some security, and don't visit crack sites- fewl. Do not use IE. Mozilla, or Opera. AND PAY FOR THEM...well at least opera.
Yeah, i agree with Kruptos and the others, summarising:

-Check all the processes (ctrl-alt-delete) and look for any suspicious looking things (if you are unsure type it in in search and check the properties to see who it is made by)
-Get adaware
-Get Spybot search and destroy
-Update antivrus software
-Get ZoneAlarm
-Check startup programs (type msconfig in run)
- Set security in Internet explorer for active X and programs etc (Internet Options)



Did any of this information help? Let me kow if you need more assistance or clarification.

Hate to leave threads open if they are answered....lol
download firewall and block any appz/programscript that you don't recognize.

check your registry and seacrh the program/script that you don't recognize and not sure whether you installed that appz /script or not.

while you are offline(means not connected to internet), repair your browser, and increase the secutiry level to high. disable cookies and also disable java applet/active X control from your browser.

Recomendation, try to install mozilla or fire fox broswer, which not only protect malicious appz but also blocks pops up and many more things.

ALso, unckeck java login enable from your browser internet settings.

you can turn those back on , when you get rid of the problem.
man, you so screwed up. by this time your system may be totally in other peoples hand.
and of course your passwords.

THE most inteligent thing to do is reinstall Windows, and AFTER that, change all your passwords.

And install a very good firewall - zonealarm - and an antivirus - f-secure or mcaffee.

do this NOW. you have to understand, that by now anyone may have acces to your passwords. this is not kool at all...

AND NEVER EVER install smtg from a crack site OR a porn site. not even if they tell you that you can't donload the soft. in 99% cases you can.

Adrian Korsuas
ggurusAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for ur comments..

I think now my machine is running safe, afterinstalling a Firewall and security updates..

Once again thanks a lot...
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
points? Who answered your question?
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I don't want them!
Not for helping someone who seems to be visiting crack sites on a regular base.

Glad to hear it all worked out for you...if your problem is all solved, please assign the point to who you think helped out the most so we can close the thread :-)

Let me know if you have any further questions that I can help with..


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