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Generic multi purpose form validation

andreni78 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04

1. Competible with 4+ browsers of IE, NS, AOL

2. Field names that are prefixed with "rq" are REQUIRED and cannot be empty. This will be applied to all form elements like: Text Box, Select Box, Check Box, Text Area...ect.

3. If user input "space" in the data, it should be IGNORED and is not count as "character" in evaluating. For example, if a required field has
a "space" (or more) without any real data then it still consider as empty although Javascript see it as having a "character". Automatically remove all spaces before and after of the content.

4. It must be dynamic so that it will loop throught the elements and validate only what available.

5. Depend on the character after the Prefix "rq", different rule is applied:
        n: allow only a to z, A to Z, "'" apostrophy, "-" dash, "." period.
        e: allow valid characters & rules for email address (test-1@abc.com)
        w: allow valid characters & rules for web URL address (www.abc.com), no http:// for consistency if exists.
        p: allow only digit from 0 to 9, "-" dash
        i: allow only integer: 0 to 9
        m: allow only 0-9,  "'" apostrophy, """ quotation mark and enforce measurement format like (5' 5")
        d: allow only 0-9, "/" slash and enforce date format like (MM/DD/YYYY)

For example:
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Hi andreni78,

Wow, that's asking alot....even for 500pts.

The AOL bit I think is going to be the toughest.. AOL 4.0 should be using the underlying core of IE that is installed on the pc, *BUT*, to quote from AOL's website:

    "The AOL browser will support most of the capabilities that a user's external version of Internet Explorer does."

That sounds fine and all, but then the next sentence is:

    "There are various incompatibilities which may arise in the way the specific AOL clients interact with the Browser which can result in unexpected behaviors of the browser itself." (http://webmaster.info.aol.com/compatibility.html)

Basically, they are saying that the AOL browser is going to do some weird, unexpected and buggy stuff. And if the user has AOL 4.0 on a Mac, which uses a completely independant version of an embedded IE build, then the buggy stuff will be exponetially higher.

Not even sure how you'd test for AOL 4, unless you have special software to simulate this; none of my tools can though.
Is this homework?


Hello TheKenman

I can devide this question into 3 parts so that you will have a total of 1500 points. I am a subscribed member so I have a lot of points to give. How should I best approach this issue?

On AOL, just try what you can. I am not picky about previous versions of AOL.

Please advise,

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Thanks Devic,

I am testing your solution and I will get back with you when I am done.


Where is the answer?


sorry, I posted before looking..hahah, but this should be helpful for those unable to search.
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