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how can i jump to the location of a particular button inside a scroll pane

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-03

i have a navigation bar and scroll pane on the stage.  Within the scroll pane i have a movie clip which doesn't really do anything but contains a bit of text and some buttons... the scroll pane only has a vertical scroll and not a horizontal so it's basically a list of information with the associated clickable logo (button) to the left of it.  I would like to have each submenubutton on the navigation bar show the relevant part of this information when pressed.  E.g. if options are A, B, C on menu and scroll pane automatically shows A (given that you must scroll down to see B and C as they are offscreen) I would like for the user to click on B and the B is shown in the scroll pane.  I think these are called anchors in html (not sure though) but I can't find any example in my flash textbook to help me do this.  The navigation bar is fully funtioning and set up and I plan to use the onpress and onrelease to jump to this page and show the user the appropriate selection... i've named the logos (buttons within the scroll pane) as i think this might help but don't know where to go from here! can this be done?

Thanks v. much.

Lee :O)
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MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr

Sounds like you want to use scrollpane.vposition("n")... where n is the positon for A, B, or C...

I'll post an example in a few minutes.
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Did my reply answer your question. If so please close this question or if you need some more help on this feel free to ask.


in ActionScriot 3.0 you have to use


insted of setScrollPosition
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