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Dual monitors functioning improperly

ggwatts asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Using PowerPoint 2002 Office XP and Windows XP with a Dell 8100 laptop. Since I cannot get an external monitor to work properly I presume the problem is with Windows, not PowerPoint

Formally, when I connected a monitor or projector the desktop ran simultaneous on both monitors. Without any change in settings or installations the 2nd monitor view disappeared leaving a dark screen. I adjusted the settings and can extent the PowerPoint desktop onto the 2nd monitor but it is a blank blue screen to which I can reposition the mouse.

 I restored Windows to a previous date and the problem was cured temporally but shortly thereafter it recurred and I now have a dark 2nd monitor unless I click the extend box (on the # 2 in display Properties which is the default monitor, not the ViewSonic.

3 monitors are enabled in device manager:
a. default monitor which is the laptop Radeon 7500 [disabling it  had no effect]
b. laptop flat panel, the Radeon 7500 i.e. it is there twice.
c. external 2nd monitor, a ViewSonic

In display properties:
1 the flat panel on Radeon 7500
2 default monitor on Radeon 7500 also with extend desktop visable, which can be checked or not.
The ViewSonic external monitor is not there. Why?

Is the problem with 3 monitors? Before trying to set up "presenters view" in PowerPoint, which is my goal, I need to get the desktop to be seen on the 2nd monitor as it use to be.

I will appreciate advice.
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all can be found on ati's web site...

FIRST... reinstall old drivers

good luck

ooppss, uninstall not reinstall old drivers ;-)


Thank you.
I am unable to find the "ATI "Control Panel" and the "ATI Mobile Graphics Products" (Is this what I want?) refers me back to the Dell site where I cannot find any help for the 7500. I did find the Radeon family drivers and the Hydravision.

ATI also says not to change drivers unless you are having specific issues which I presume you believe is my problem. Note, it did work properly for 2 years.

Anyway, now I am unable to load (with an error message) a specific user file for my "Dragon Naturally Speaking" voice recognition program so I will just format C:, it has been a while.
I will let you know how things go after that.
Thanks again.


I have reinstalled all after format C: and PowerPoint worked normally at first with the primary laptop monitor and external ViewSonic showing identical screens (and designated as such in Settings/Display) but after I tried to go to Presenter's View and checked "Extend my Windows desktop", the secondary monitor changed to default monitor on Mobility Radeon 7500 which is my primary monitor. Now the Viewsonic screen is dark.

1 Can you tell me how to restore the ViewSonic as the  secondary monitor.

2 Searching for ATI control panel > info but I cannot find a download. Here is the link.

3 I have downloaded but not yet installed:
a Hydravision - basic  and
b the Radeon Family of drivers.

What do you suggest? Thank you.


Toggle switch found.

1. try reinstall drivers... just remove it from control pannel - device manager and reboot. After that windows will reinstall it...

2. 3.  If you couldn't get contol panel, don't bother, hydravision will do... hydravision is program for "multimonitoring" on ati based cards (mostly radeons)--- so, when you install it you will be able to do with two monitors what ever you like (well, almost everything ;-) )...

hope this helps...



With Hydravison I have a PP open on the external monitor but I am unable to open another PP version on the laptop.

What I need is to have an annotated version of a slide on the laptop (Preferably in Slide Show View so I can see it from a distance with my annotations on the slide rather than using Presenter's View.) and an outline version of the same slide in slide show view on the external, which goes to the next slides simultaneously when I advance the laptop view. Can this be done with Hydravision?
Thank you.


I tried to open one pp presentation in two diferent windows(one in slide view and one in Presenter's view) in my PC and I couldn't do it. The reason is that the Power Point won't alow me to have the same presentation open twice. So what I did is I created two same presentations and opened one in SS view and one in P view...

If you've already done that, tell me, can you get desktop on both of your monitors?



 1 Yes, I now have control and understanding of how to project Presenters View on laptop with SS on monitor or to have SS on both and advance slides simultaneously but I cannot create two same presentations and open one in SS view and one in P view... How did you do that?

That still leaves Presenter's View tho, I hope to have different versions (annotated version on laptop big enough to see from a distance, the other in outline form on projector for audience) of talk running simultaneously in SS on both laptop and projector.

2  I am studying  this package but I haven't tried it yet. Are you familiar with it. PowerShow.



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Thank you. I remain unable to open more than 1 PP unles I use the "arrange all" under the Window tab. Anyway, the effort here is > the gain. I will simply use the duplicate  SS on the external monitor. The PowerShow was not helpful. I really appreciate your help.
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