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showModalDialog problem very serious

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
Hi Folks ,

       I am working on a ASP.NET application where i need to show a popup window  on the main
screen , when i click on a link on the main screen . For that  purpose , i used showModalDialog() .

In the showModalDialog popup , while loading the popup in the Page_Load() event , i am  
accessing the database  ,  and depending on the business logic  I am  dynamically generating
contents of the popup window.

Using showModalDialog  also serves my purpose of restricting access to the main screen.

But there are some problems .

1) Though the contents in the  database  is changing ,  the same is not geting reflected in the
    popup window.

    This happens , immaterial of how many times i open that popup window and close it .

    But this behaviour stops , once i close the browser window and open the same in another
    browser window.  

    Is there any way of tackling it ?
    Is the content of the showModaldialog once loaded remains static , irrespective of change in

2) When i click on the Ok button of the showModalDialog , the page is not getting refereshed.
    Will Page refresh doesn't work in   showModalDialog?

Can anyone suggest me continuing with showModalDialog or try any other new thing ???

I even tried DHTMLModalDialog  which doesn't serve my purpose as , though it restricts focus  to
the  main screen , it  is  allowing  me to access the Internet Explorer menu on the main screen.

Any suggestions except DHTMLModalDialog is welcome.

I need ur deseparate  help  in this regard , as i am hanged out here.

Thank you folks in advance

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ZvonkoSystems architect
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Here a tested version:

function showDia(sURL){
  sURL += ((sURL.indexOf('?')<0)?"?":"&")+"time="+(new Date()).getTime();
  retVal=window.showModalDialog(sURL, window);
<a href="https://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Web_Languages/JavaScript/Q_20946345.html" onClick="return showDia(this.href)">EE</a>
<script>document.write(new Date())</script>

you can embed a frame and load the page in that frame giving src to the file you want to open and it will work fine.
No hi Fanda
you can embed a frame in the window and load the page in that frame giving src to the file you want to open and it will work fine.
No hi Fanda

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