need 12.3(xc) or > ios image for 1721 K9/A firewall feature set


I've a 1721 K9A router with firewall feature set, that needs a new 12.3(XC) or greater IOS image, to make use of a 4 port ethernet wic

Can someone tell me how I can get this?  If I buy a smartnet contract, will I be able to download this image?  If so, what type of smartnet contract do I need?

Oddly enough, I can't get this information from our cisco reseller.  They did offer to sell a once only upgrade, but I think a smart net contract would be a better option if It allows access to more that one update.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you need to purchase a SmartNet contract. The least-cost is 8x5xNext Business Day.
Once you have an active SmartNet account and CCO login, you can download your required IOS images.
1721K9 is Package Category 1
You can go to and order it if your re-seller won't help you.
You an actually purchase the image without getting a Smartnet contract. The Smartnet contract only allows you to upgrade the current version of image to the next version but it doesn't allow you to change versions like going from IPSEC/FW to Enterprise. I would however recommend SmartNet since this covers your hardware also.
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