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Linksys Wireless-B Network Kit and on-line access

donlon4 asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
I found great help here with my last problem and need assistance once again.  I purchased a Linksys Wireless-B Network Kit and hooked up the router to my main system and installed the network card to the laptop we are hooking up wireless. I actually got the laptop up and running and getting a signal and on-line access right away. However, my main unit would not connect to the internet or email.  I called Linksys late last night and they said the Spykiller program on my computer is creating a firewall and it is blocking the router configuration.  I had problem with this spykiller program when it was intalled and had to go through some winsock2 repair and edit the registry (given that info on this site).  I just deleted the spykiller program that I spent $40 dollars on because it has caused so much trouble.  After deleting it, it still would not connect.  I am wondering if someone knows what I need to do to get my system back on-line? Thanks, Kathy
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Kathy, given your symptoms and history, I would try reinstalling TCP/IP as a protocol.  This is medium difficulty - you'd have to go into network properties and remove it - and then go back in and install it again.  You would probably need the original .cab files from the installation disk - which you might not have if it's a computer from a major maufacturer - they usually like to give you a "restore CD" which they have you wipe your system and "factory default" it.

Is this something you'd feel comfortable with - do you have the CD?

To be honest with you - I could do this myself, but I don't think I could walk you through it step by step.  Might want to get an admin on this site to move this thread over to the "Networking" forum.
mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

What version of operating system are you running on the affected machine?


I'm back up and running.  Couldn't read the emails because I was down and was emailing from work the first time so I wasn't thinking about how I would get answers (duh).  It finally got this worked out.  I talked to Linksys support. It took three calls. The first person told me to hook the new router to the old one with a link cable but I found out that the one router wasn't capatible with the other.  Then the second person told me is was the Spykiller program.  I deleted it after paying $40 for it and after the problem I had setting it up, I don't dare put it back in.  After deleting it, I still wasn't up and running.  The third person finally got it right. He walked me through different things to check and finally we figured it out.  He was really hard to understand so I can't explain what he said it was exactly.  Thanks for trying to help.  Do you suggest I put Spykiller back in since I had a hard time installing it the first time?  Thanks, Kathy
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