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I am having an issue with Cisco PIX and consistency in SSH.  I have multiple 506E remote sites and a HQ 515E PIX.  I support them from home at sometimes.  I recently added a statement to all to allow SSH access.

ssh myip mysubnet outside

The HQ and a remote work, but one remote does not let me connect.

putty log excerpts below.
Event Log: Writing new session log (SSH packets mode) to file: putty.log
Event Log: Looking up host "XX.XX.XX.XX"
Event Log: Connecting to XX.XX.XX.XX port 22
Event Log: Server version: SSH-1.5-Cisco-1.25
Event Log: We believe remote version has SSH1 ignore bug
Event Log: We believe remote version needs a plain SSH1 password
Event Log: We believe remote version can't handle RSA authentication
Event Log: We claim version: SSH-1.5-PuTTY-Release-0.53b
Event Log: Using SSH protocol version 1
Incoming packet type 2 / 0x02 (SSH1_SMSG_PUBLIC_KEY)

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1 Solution
Does that particular PIX have DES enabled?

View from "show ver"

What version OS?
smeekAuthor Commented:
I updated it last week to newest build and added statement today.  It looks like DES is enabled.  See SH VER below.

Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(3)124
Cisco PIX Device Manager Version 3.0(1)

Licensed Features:
Failover:                    Disabled
VPN-DES:                     Enabled
VPN-3DES-AES:                Enabled
Maximum Physical Interfaces: 2
Maximum Interfaces:          2
Cut-through Proxy:           Enabled
Guards:                      Enabled
URL-filtering:               Enabled
Inside Hosts:                10
Throughput:                  Unlimited
IKE peers:                   10

This PIX has a Restricted (R) license.
Any log entries from the PIX side?
Managing Security Policy in a Changing Environment

The enterprise network environment is evolving rapidly as companies extend their physical data centers to embrace cloud computing and software-defined networking. This new reality means that the challenge of managing the security policy is much more dynamic and complex.

smeekAuthor Commented:
I don't have logging enabled at remote properties.  Any particular level you'd recommend?

smeekAuthor Commented:
710001: TCP access requested from to outside:
710002: TCP access permitted from to outside:
315004: Fail to establish SSH session because PIX RSA host key retrieval failed.
315011: SSH session from on interface outside for user "" disconnected b
y SSH server, reason: "Internal error" (0x00)
305012: Teardown dynamic TCP translation from inside: to outside: duration 0:00:31
302014: Teardown TCP connection 28957 for outside: to inside: duration 0:00:13 bytes 210 TCP FINs
305011: Built dynamic TCP translation from inside: to outside:24.
smeekAuthor Commented:
OK.  I got it.  Need to generate RSA keys for them to connect via SSH.
Thanks! Glad you're working.
Good stuff in the logs. I never leave home without..
smeekAuthor Commented:
Do you kind of have a standard logging recommendation.

logging on
logging timestamp <-- also setup NTP to get accurate timestamps
logging buffered debugging
logging trap errors
logging history warnings
logging host inside <host IP>
logging host inside <alternate host IP>
no logging message 106011
no logging message 313001

If I need it during troubleshooting only:
logging monitor debugging

smeekAuthor Commented:
Cool.  Thanks again for your help.
try this command

pix(config)#ca generate rsa key 1024
pix(config)#wr mem

sud work ............
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