Outlook shows only old emails

Hi all,

Ive just migrated Outlook at a friends computer, by moving the outlook.pst file. Now, when I open Outlook, it only shows old emails!! (2002) All new emails are not shown. I tested sending an email, and the email was retrieved and put together with the old emails. The file has the correct size, so I guess I´ve just by accident changed some setting, so that only old email can be viewed. How can I change this back??



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robinluoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Could it be you didn't copy all of his pst files? Maybe you only copied the archived one which contains only 2002's email, and he still has some other pst files. Try to do a search for *.pst on the computer where the old Outlook was setup, and see if you can find anything else from there.
sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Where is the old emails located .. in the inbox ? When you say the new email is put together with the old , did you mean they are moved to  a different folder ? Are the old emails archived ?  Also check for any presence of rules going to
tools --> rules wizard  
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
Sunray: there are no rules installed

I tried to search for *.pst, but I only find the archive.pst and the outlook.pst

The outlook.pst is an identical copy of the outlook.pst on the old computer.

I migrated by deleting the outlook.pst on the new machine, and when Outlook asked for the pst, I entered the copy of the old one. That was on monday, and it showed me all emails (2002-2004). Today I came back and it showed only 2002. I don't know what my friend did with the computer... but the outlook.pst file has the same size, so he didn't delete all the stuff, besides he's too smart for doing that...

I would be very thankful for any hints on this problem...

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May be this is too simple and you might have tried. Is the pst file in your old computer still there ? Why dont you copy it back to the new machine again..

Well you said you have seen the emails 2002 to 2004 previously but now. There could be a possibility that it was deleted or some kind of view setup by which you are seeing only 2002 messages ..
stefriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>>>> but the outlook.pst file has the same size, so he didn't delete all the stuff, ....
Deleting items does not reduce the sizeof the pst, you have to compactit

Have they been deleted? Is something in Deleted Items?

If nothing in deleted items and to be sure that he did not delete them by error, you may try the method which is explained on this page: http://www.htcia.org/pdf_files/vol3iss2.PDF  at page 6.
It works except if the items have been shift-deleted


GMsbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe %programfiles%\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\SCANPST.EXE  will help?

When you run Scanpst.exe, it performs a number of tests. If it finds errors, it asks whether you want to make a backup copy of the original file (always say Yes), then tries to correct the errors.
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
I'll get back to you guys on Monday next week.


henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
Reinstalling windows and copying the backupfile into the pst-outlookfolder, before starting Outlook the first time didn't help.

I also tried using an older backup, but I still only get the old emails!!!!

Anyone got a hint?
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