Multi Channel Sound and DVD Playback Questions

I have advance 97 Audio that came on my GA-7VAXP Motherboard. I have always just used the Line Out into my hifi for speakers, but today I plugged in my Logic 3 Speaker System that I used to have connected into a Playstation 2.

So, now there are the two speakers from the hifi, 2 speakers from the Logic 3 Soundstation and a Subwoofer in the soundstation.

I have tried to get more than 2 channel stereo sound, but I cant. I tried setting it to 4 channel, with the Logic 3 in the Line out and the Hifi in the Rear Speaker Out. They work fine on the sound check, except if the left speaker is clicked, the right one goes as well on both and vise versa for each pair. (Not all 4 at the same time.)

Anyway, the 4 speakers work in the sound check, but in games and in DVDs I only get the two Logic 3s going, the 2 front speakers, no matter what options I choose to mess around with.

I also had the things working in 6 channel, with the 2 Logic 3s as front speakers, Hifi as rear and Subwoofer as... Subwoofer. I had to disconnect the Logic 3 Speakers from the Woofer and connect them directly into the PC. Sound test works again, but no joy in games and DVDs.

Any help appreciated... I think the reason may be that I dont have a proper 6 channel sound set, but still, it should at least play through all speakers, not just front 3?

And, finally. Whenever I play a DVD, on the Television or through my PC, I have incredibly good sounds, etc but speach is very hard to hear? I have to turn it right up when there is talking and right down during other areas? I have come to believe this is the same for everyone who uses there PC or PS2? Why? And how do I solve it?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way you are going to get the desired effect of all speakers running is to send analog signal cables from your sound card, because digital transmission requires that the decoding and amplifying be done at the other end of the S/PDIF, which is your Logic 3.  If you can't or don't want to drive everything from the Logic 3, you will have to go analog.  Both fronts will go to the Logic 3, and both rears will go to the hifi.  You can't get around the "phantom center" if you don't have it as an option, but I am sure that is why your dialog is so low - I have removed my center channel when I was testing the setup, and I was having the same problem until I reconnected the center.  Maybe you need to consider another speaker to fit this purpose.  Also note that in 5.1 systems where the speakers are sold separately, the center channel is pretty expensive, because it is important to get the sound quality right.
Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
Front 2*
1) If your hardware supports outputting 2 channel sound to all your speakers, this will work, but if it doesn't, only what it detects as real discrete multichannel sound will be output on all speakers.

2) Most dialog in movies comes out the center channel, so if you don't have a true 5.1 setup, you need to emulate the center channel or route it to the mains.
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Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
1) It is 6 Channel onboard sound

2) What? How do I do that?
In order for you to actually get sound from all your speakers, you need either 6 analog signal cables going from your onboard sound to your Logic 3 Speaker system or one digital S/PDIF coax or optical cable going to the Logic 3.  I am assuming that the Logic 3 acts like a receiver or preamp/amp and accepts different sources.  If it doesn't do Dolby decoding, you will have to use analog inputs, which means a separate cable for left front, center front, right front, left rear, center rear (or sub, if that's the sixth channel), and right rear.

For people who have two speakers, there is a "phantom center" that can be set up that will route center channel sounds to the left front and right front.  You can set up your desktop sound configuration in Control Panel->Sounds and Multimedia->Audio->Sound Playback->Advanced.  Your movie then needs to be set up in the audio selection to be stereo (sorry, you can't get the advantages of 5.1 sound without a 5.1 speaker setup).
Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
Just to reiterate. My Logic 3 Soundstation has 2 Speakers and a Woofer. The other 2 speakers are on my HiFi.

I have the AC97 Audio set to 4 speakers, front two go from the single cable connecting both speakers of Logic 3 into the line in. Back two in my HiFi go into Rear Speaker out (also one cable).

I have an SPDIF on my soundcard. Can i use this some how? Just plug in the Logic 3 into the SPDIF? Or do I need a special cable? I have two SPDIFs actually. Optical and Coaxaxial.

I cant find this "Phantom Center" option, if it is an option you mean and not just the sounds toolbox.

Basically, all I want to do is for all 4 speakers to work at the same time in games and for DVD Speeking to actually be audible.

Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
rite... I will have a look at some proper speakers
Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
well, i didnt get any, but callandor must be right, cos I took out the middle speaker from my DVD player and no speach. Guess Ill just live with it on 2 speakers. In the end I just replaced my stereo Speakers with my Logic 3 System. Sorted. Excellent Quality, and the Dual Volume Control is damn good... full volume on Stereo = Deafening + Full Volume on System 2x Deafening! Neighbours should be glad we are on friendly terms.

Thanks Callandor.

PS. You can get better voice by upping the 2nd 3rd and 4th frequences to +6dB on an Equalizer :D
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