how to make blinking minimized form in title bar

I am working on a chat room system one a user minimizes a chat down to the task bar I want to notify them by sound (i have this) and blinking of the title in the taskbar.  How do i Mka eit blink and then stop

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Put a timer and blink for certain time and then stop
ocsscottAuthor Commented:
how do i set the titlebar to blink?
Not the titlebar, but either icon or the minimized form header
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ocsscottAuthor Commented:
yes the minimized form header, how do i make that blink?

what is the code for that
for example
toggle the icon in the form caption. Or toggle the text
ocsscottAuthor Commented:
will toggleing the text make the button blink?

in yahoo a minimized chat will make the title bar highlight and go normal thus blinking is this the same?  if so how to code such a thing?
It will definetely attract  hte attention

If you want to change picture ( like blinking light)

Put it in the timer event

Static iImage As Integer

iImage = iImage + 1
If iImage > 2 Then iImage = 1
Me.Icon = ImageList1.ListImages(iImage).Picture

Caption change
Static iImage As Integer

iImage = iImage + 1
If iImage > 2 Then iImage = 1

select case image
   Case 1
       Me.text = "bla"
   Case 2
       Me.text = "bla- bla-bla"
end select

That is my old piece of code in VB6 - it must be the same or very close in VB.NET

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ocsscottAuthor Commented:
i think this vb6 code is exactly what I want...

do any of you know what this code would look like in

Private Declare Function FlashWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal binvert As Long) As Long

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    FlashWindow Form1.hwnd, True
End Sub
ocsscottAuthor Commented:
never mind I got this api figured out and it is exactly what I wanted.

thanks for all your help
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