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8213 Appears in Exchange 2000 Server Event Viewer

MrBean asked
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
Event Type:     Error
Event Source:     MSExchangeFBPublish
Event Category:     General
Event ID:     8213
Date:          4/7/2004
Time:          10:36:08 AM
User:          N/A
Computer:     xxx
System Attendant Service failed to create session for virtual machine MAIL1. The error number is 0x80044501


Start Registry Editor.
Locate the Server value under the following key in the registry:

On the Edit menu, click Add Value.
In the Value Name field, type FreeBusyQuerySessions, set the Data Type to REG_DWORD, and then click OK.
In the Data field, type 00000000, and then click OK.

------ This is correct ------

Restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant.
Start Exchange System Manager, and then locate the storage group.
Click the private store, and then right-click Properties.
Click the Security tab, and then click the Exchange service account.
Click View information store, click Administer information store, and then set the permissions.
Reset the Administrative Group's service account.

---- Where do I find private store in storage group? I am not seeing this .... Closest thing I found was in ESM : Admin Groups / Servers / MailServer / First Storage Group - which has Mailbox store and Public Folder store.

Please advise

Thank you
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I've migrated to 2003, but I believe you are in the right area.  The Mailbox store is private.  Right-click and go to properties, then I think the SECURITY tab.  You can set/change permissions there.

I believe you can also determine your Admin account but right-clicking the ORG name (usually the first level), select DELEGATE CONTROL and see what is listed.  Be sure to cancel, since you are just looking up info.



"Click the Security tab, and then click the Exchange service account.
Click View information store, click Administer information store, and then set the permissions.
Reset the Administrative Group's service account."

ESM : Admin Groups / Servers / MailServer / First Storage Group / Mailbox Store / Properties - Security

Exchange Domain Servers & Exchange Enterprise Servers are present, but no "Exchange service". Not to mention, there is no "view information store" option.

I am confused ...

The begging of article q296151 states to add that registry entry. Yet it's already present. So does doing the rest of what they're saying even matter? And how does one go about "resetting" the security?

Thank you


That and I do not know the passwords, if any, for exchange related items. As the previous admin did not leave any documentation.

Please advise.

You're not looking for an Exchange Service, your are looking for Exchange's "service account", the AD account that is responsible for your server.  

It may be your Administrator account, but the DELEGATE tip in earlier email is the way to determine which it is.

If it isn't and you have the password for Administrator, you can always reset other account passwords.



So would it be the owner of the Exchange Enterprise Servers and Exchange Domain Servers? Which is the Domain Admin ... so ... I'd want to reset the password for the Domain Admin?

It would normally be a specific account, not a group like Domain Admins.

If you didn't find it the other way, I would look for accounts like EXADMIN or starting with EX..., then suspect plain ole Adminstrator.



The Exchange Enterprise Servers and Exchange Domain Servers are the only two in there ...

Im confused

Let's add the user Administrator there and give it the rights recommended in the document.

Probably something like everything except for SPECIAL PERMISSIONS, or whatever.  I am assuming the Administrator is the correct account.



Domain Admin is the owner of the mailbox.

I do not know the password for this account ... if I reset it, I am willing to bet I will effect other services ... ?

Please advise


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