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ERobert asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
I have a Clarion CX-400 and I wanted to know if there is a way to transfer data from one LUN to another one at the LUN layer. I know that restoring backups would do the job but it takes a while. There must be another way to do that. I've seen some command about INFOMOVER.
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I'm in testing mode to write some procs! I wanted to know in fact if I have a Windows 2000 server with a Metalun created with the expand function i.e. I've created a LUN1 of 40 GB, I want to add some more space so I create a second LUN of 60 GB called LUN2 et expand LUN1 by creating a Metalun of 100 GB. Later if I want to move all data created on this Metalun to another LUN of 100 GB so that it is not on a Metalun anymore I think you suggest SANCopy for this opreation. Is it the quickest way?


The fact that you've spanned a virtual volume (ie meta volume) across 2 physical luns, means that neither SNAcopy nor snapClone will work. Only windows has visibility of the spanned meta data needed to construct the underlying disk structure (ie: NTFS structure and disk tracks).
Thus they cannot be consolidated into a single new lun.

However you could create 2 new luns of 40GB and 60GB and use snapclone to mirror these up, then present them to a different server. This would allow you to recreate the 100GB meta.

Hope this helps

Da Proff



Do you have a procedure on how to use SANCopy to copy a LUN to another LUN?

SanCopy is managed through the Navisphere console. You will need to install the ndu package for it aswell as the Gui ndu package for sancopy. I think they are included on the CD that has Snapview on it. Yoy can use it without a license (for evaluation only), but longer use requires you to pay for it.
If you don't have it ...contact your EMC rep and ask for a copy of it to evaluate. It will come with docs. Make sure you give him a list of the currently installed software versions (can be viewed through properties of the Clariion array), as the versions are specific and not always backward compatible.
EMC powerlink has loads of docs on SANcopy and Snapview: https://powerlink.emc.com
You will need to register if you haven't already.


Da Proff


Thank you for all the information. You earned your points ; ) I've already registered on the powerlink website but experience is something they can't provide like you just did. Actually I've tried Cloning, Snapshot sessions and Expand functionnality. Is there any other thing you might provide as helpfull ?

Thanks a million times

Depends what country your in...
I do Clariion, Symmetix and Celerra consultation for a job  :)
If EMC Can't or won't give you a copy of SANcopy, I might be able to find one. However I would be hesitant about doing this as It could invalidate your Support Contract. Tools that you might find useful for data migration:

1) UNISON (just google for "unison file sync"), will incremental sync up windows, linux and Unix filesystems. Useful for Lun consolidation.

2) Robocopy. Windows only incremental File sync tool. Available in the XP resource kit.

Have fun

Da Proff
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