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Mouse cursor jumps into default button on dialog boxes

iaef asked
Last Modified: 2009-07-29
I have been wondering where I can find a solution for this rather funny problem. My mouse pointer jumps into the default button on any dialog box that shows on my screen, which ends in my selection of some wring options sometimes, since I work on dialog intensive applications.

I know there is an option on the Control Panel to enable or disable it, but mine is disabled, so I don't know if on the registry this can be enabled or disabled.

Another thing. I think this can be caused because of some malicious code in some website that I may have visited, but this is only a theory. I have installed and runned Ad-aware and Offiscan antivirus from Trend, so I believe that my PC is free of many viruses and malwares, but maybe it is something more subtle to be detected.

I hope somebody can help me on this one.
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This is easy one.

Start->settings->control panel->mouse
Pointer Options Tab
uncheck "SnapTo" "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box"
Hit apply

That should do it.

Sorry, I got ahead of myself and didn't see that you already tried that.

Did you install any manufacturer software, like Logitech's Mouseware?  If so then disable the same setting in this software, since it doesn't always pay attention to Window's settings.


no, I haveĀ“'t installed a propietary mouse driver, and this problem started suddenly without any software installation relationed. It just started all by itself.

The mouse I am using is a Logitech one, but I don't have any specific software for it, I am using the standard mouse drivers that came with XP. I am using also an Alps TouchPad and stick pointer, but the same case as with the mouse, I have not installed anything other than the software that was installed the same day I installed my XP, and this problem started recently, which means they must not be related...


Ok! I have alredy searched my registry and under a key called "Run" it found a program named exshow95.exe which happens to be the cause of my problems.... How did I got there? well I noticed I had a lot of processes running and started to search them in Google one by one, so I knew which was for which, and found this little one as one of the most suspicious, so I searched the registry and eliminated it, and voila! it worked... :) Anyhow, I thank alll those who tried to help me on this one.
Glad it worked out...you must have picked it up through some sort of spyware/virus. I suggest running Lavasoft's Adaware, and Spybot Search and Destroy. Then make sure you have an anti-virus program running. Also, you shouldn't open attachments unless you know who sent the file and you know exactly what the file is.

Good luck.



Yes, I think it was something like that... I have the antivirus from Trend and already ran the Ad-aware, but spybot is the one which I didnĀ“'t knew off. Anyway, thanks a lot for your recommendations.
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Just to comment that the solution was: search your active processes and if you have "exshow95.exe" just kill this process and search the registry for this entry to eliminate it. It must be that some site (on the web) might have installed it because it facilitates the life of the malicious popup windows.
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