no adsutil on an IIS machine

I am trying to follow these instructions:

But I am missing the adsutil.vbs script.  In fact, on my IIS machine (windows 2000 server) I have an \inetpub, but no \inetpub\adminscripts\ folder.

Where can I get adsutil.vbs?

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BAlexandrovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows Scripting host 5.6 is shipped with Win2000.

Probably you have not isntalled full IIS - See - Add/remove programs -> Add/remove windows compents
If you request I can sent you them ~100 kb

Bojidar Alexandrov
Before you are able to utilize that, you must have installed windows scripting host.
Sorry about the many posts, script 5.6 is the newest version.  You'll see it on the link I gave you.
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