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Full-text INFLECTIONAL not corresponding people/person

mwidholm asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I have a full-text indexed table and am able to pull a query using INFLECTIONAL that successfully pairs up louse/lice, mouse/mice. woman,women.  It's not finding person/people, however.  I imagine there's a dictionary lookup table within SQL server where it is simply missing this relationship.  I'm wondering if anyone knows where that table is or how I can find out.

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A suggestion would be to use profiler to see where it is..

if there is not a query to a dictionary somewhere than I would look for an xml file under the mssql/data/ directory containing words and data for full text searches


Thanks jayrod.  I had never used profiler before, so I went in and it seems that where it's referencing the dictionary must be happening in the stored procedure, "sp_fulltext_data" and that's all the detail it's giving me.  Are these stored procedures viewable by sa?  I'm a dbo and I don't see it, but I can ask my boss to take a look.  He's very busy right now, so gaining access to stuff has been a pain.  

I had already looked under mssql/data, but the only xml files I found were 1kb.

Thanks for your help.

I couldn't find it either.. so not sure where to look from here.. I'll keep lookin tho


Well, I found "sp_fulltext_getdata" under the extended stored procedures in the master database.  However, I guess we can't see the code on those extended stored procedures and I'm back at square one.  I've been kind of poking at the system tables in the master now to see if any of them seem dictionary-esque.  I'm starting to feel like I'm reverse-engineering to fix a bug, which is probably incredibly impractical.  I'm so curious now though...
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I'm new here and don't entirely understand the point system.  While we didn't come to a solution, I appreciate your help tremendously and would like to give you the points- is that ok by the rules?

not sure.. you can ask for a refund of points after a certain amount of time if there aren't any answeres.

I'd leave it open for a while maybe let some others have a chance at giving some helpful information.

Come back in a few days and if no one has either posted some feedback or hints then you can close the question by assigning points or a refund.

either way it's all good :)

Hope you're still subscribed.. I finally found it. The thesaurus used for full text inflectional querying is found in:

c:\program files\microsoft sql server\ftdata\sqlserver\config

the thesaurus is in an xml file there. This is also where all of the noise words are stored.  As of service pack 2 the thesaurus option was implemented but disabled.

I found this data from sql Server 2k unleashed.

hope that helps ya..

although I just looked in that directory and I couldn't make heads or tails of the xml file. :P
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