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Linux installation question

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-15
Hello experts,

Before I ask the question I need to strees that I'm a newbie when it comes to linux/unix environmnent, however I recently got fascinated by it and obtained (via my school instructor who works for Sun) the new Sun Java Desktop System and would like to run on my home PC which is now running Windows.  

Now I have found resources out there that talk about running two systems on one drive, however the way I want to do this is to buy a seperate HD and run it from there.  And here is the question: how do i go about this? I assume I have to conect the new drive as a slave drive and then partition it and set up Linux to install on it.  However if it will be a slave drive how will I be able to boot from it without having to change BIOS every time I restart? Is there a way of running two master drives? Or am I just tottaly off base on this.  Please let me know and please post any issues/concerns I should look out for.  I would really hate to loose my current windows files during the installation, so if you have pointers, etc, I would realy apreciate it.


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GRUB and Lilo (Linux bootloaders) will both let you boot from different HDDs on boot up.


I assume this is something I install after the Linux installation.  And also what about Windows? Will it ask me every time I restart which drive I need to boot from?

A boot loader screen will come up asking you to chose which OS and each option will point to a different drive. Set the new drive as the master and install Linux and the bootloader on that one, and just add an entry for the Windows drive (slave).


ok, thanks, so just to double check, this is how it would go

I would first set the new drive as slave so I could install linux on it. then after the installation I would switch the new drive to master and the old one to slave? One thing I'm not sure about is, the moment of transition so like lets say I installed linux on the slave and  added the bootloaders, then I turn my PC of switch the drives and then when I boot it back up it should bring up that screen? As I said I'm fairly new to this so please bare with me
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ok, great, thanks, I will run thru the installation and get back to you.

Thanks again
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