Resetting network parameters in Solaris 8

I have an ultra 10 running solaris 8.  I want to completely reset the network parameters (switching from static ip to dhcp, hostname chage, etc).  I seem to remember a network config command you can run from the OK prompt - I have done this before, but do not remember what it is.  I DO NOT want to change anything else on the box, just IP parameters.
What is this command?
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fim32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
nothing from the ok prompt.

you can run sys-unconfig to unset it all...

maybe if you ran sysidconfig, or sysidnet (all of these are in /usr/sbin/)
ebreayAuthor Commented:
So, how do I reset parameters after "unsetting" ??

admintool ??
use ifconfig and route commands to do it immeadiately (or admintool if you prefer).  Edit the /etc/hosts, /etchostname.*, /etc/netmasks,  /etc/defaultrouter to make it stick
ebreayAuthor Commented:
Last one....

What if I want to turn on DHCP (client) after  running sys-unconfig?
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