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uneditable textbox

--laser-- asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
hi how can i make a textbox uneditable, i want it to still look normal eg same colour text and not greyed out etc but i dont want the user to be able to change the text in it, the text can be chande programatically.
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on the Design, right click the text box and set the property value for "ReadOnly" to True.

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yeh thanks, i cant believe i forgot about that option, it is simple. i had to go out and i quickly looked for it, i must of overlooked it.


one more thing, since that was so simple can you tell me how to change the selection of a listview control

say i have 10 things in a listview control hello, goodbye, out, etc
if i wanted to select goodbye in code (not by clicking it) how would i do this

it is probably another simple thing!!!


by the way i will raise points if you answer this


dont worry i figured it out, thanks for the help before
Yep, you overlooked something else very simple, laser.

Here's a way to do it:

First, when you add a new item to your list, make sure to define an index for that item or else you will have to work harder to select it.  Ex:

lstMain.Additem "Joe", 4

Then, if you wanted to make an array that contained all the name and index correspondants (If it is user entry) Or, if you have a defined amount of items in the list, just remember the index for each item and use it later in the code.  OK, to select any of them, you have to know the index number of which one you want to select and the command is simply:

lstMain.Selected(2) = True

Where 2 is the index number.

Hope this helps, Laser!


i have a database with any number of records in it, they are all the names of the dvd movies that i have. when i search for them i can get the recordset to go to it easily but it dosn't show that i have it selected in the listview. i need to search for the name and have it selected in the listview.

MoviesLst.SelectedItem = FrmMain.MoviesLst.ListItems("ghost")

this dosnt work, it says "element not found"

if i change "ghost" to the index

eg.  MoviesLst.SelectedItem = FrmMain.MoviesLst.ListItems(7)

that corresponds to that movie it works but that isn't what i want
Let me explain again,

If you search for it and SearchIndex is the Index number that corresponds to your search result, you would do
MoviesLst.Selected(SearchIndex) = True

That makes that movie and that movie only be selected.  Then, if you want it to appear at the top of your listbox, do

MoviesLst.TopIndex = SearchIndex

If this still doesn't work, maybe you could explain your problem more thoroughly?


ok say i have 5 items in the listview they are ghost, gladiator, star wars 2, the italian job and shrek. if i want to highlight gladiator how do i do this. i want to highlight it without clicking it.
First you have to know the index number to it.

If you don't assign the index when you add it to the list, then it is in consecutive order starting at the top at 0 and getting larger as you go down the list.  But, if you are going to make a search to find it, you should assign an index number to each movie when you add it to the list and store this in an array with the movie name so that you can access both easily.  The syntax is: MoviesLst.additem "ItemNameHere", indexnumberhere
The indexnumber is optional, but you can keep up with it if you assign it yourself.


hang on a sec, i have a listview not a listbox, your code suits a listbox
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